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This page records work that is proposed for inclusion in future releases of Koha. It lists both proposed features and improvements to Koha's architecture.

The page is a memorandum of intent. It is neither a strategic plan, nor a promise. Developers and contributors are asked to keep the status of proposals up to date (for example, by linking to an issue in Koha's bugzilla repository) however we cannot assure that information on this page is current.

Unlike Koha releases, information on the page is feature based, not time based. Proposals on this page are not necessarily intended for inclusion in the next Koha feature release.
Work is added to Koha in accordance with the project's Development Workflow. The decision as to whether a particularly piece of work is included in a Koha release is ultimately for the judgement of the Release Manager. Inclusion of a proposal on this page is not a guarantee that the work will be included in a future Koha release, soon or ever.
Maintenance of this Road Map may be a continuous process. Log in to edit the page. It is intended that a review and update of the Road Map will be conducted at the Monthly IRC Meeting following each major feature release and whenever else it is considered to be needed.
Note to contributors:

  • Please describe your proposal here in a line or two; consider key words carefully to assist others to locate your idea.
  • Please link your proposal to another page that provides a full RFC (Request for Comment).
  • If work has started, please link to an entry in Bugzilla to enable others to track progress of the work.
  • Consider updating your entry when appropriate.
  • Debate about an idea should not be conducted on this page: the RFC page and/or mailing list are more appropriate.

Thank you for your contributions to Koha!


  • ElasticSearch Compatibility

Can we has cheeseburger? ElasticSearch does very cool things which we also want Koha to be able to enjoy. Catalyst and ByWater have been working on this.

  • A Badge or Achievement System

I am willing to come up with badges, barnstars, or achievements for different spheres (Patrons, Developers, Librarians, et cetera) if someone is willing to take the time and code things. For now, I have added just a few to the User Talk pages of the wiki. You can see one here:



  • Plack "officially supported"?