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Many websites, software directories and code repositories mention Koha and include specific information, for example last updated, version number, description.

In addition, release announcements are posted to various websites and services, for example Twitter, Facebook, mailing lists, etc.

This page records a list of known places where:

  • information about Koha is recorded,
  • release announcements are posted.

Koha community members generally update these sites after a new release. You may need to be quick though to get in first....

Known places where information about Koha is recorded

Website Koha page Process Comments Latest Announcement
cnet Register on website and 'Report a problem' Currently offers download for the fork, Report sent 26 Aug by Chris Cormack
Foss4lib Register and add a new release and announcement Anyone can create an account, update the details and make a release and news annoucement. Great directory of free software for libraries - includes software details, releases and announcements. 3.8.4
(previously know as Create an account and post a release announcement. Owner can edit project details. Project owner recorded as ranginui. 3.8.4
Free Software Foundation Can't updated directly - log a bug report with updated details. Bug report posted on 27 May (David Nind)
Launchpad Not known Shows latest release for download. 3.8.4
Open Hub (formerly Ohloh) Watches changes in the Git repo. Shows lots of stats. Keeps current with the Git repo.
Savannah Notice advises that the project now lives at
Sourceforge Notice advises that the project now lives at
Wikipedia Create an account and edit 3.8.4

Known places where release announcements are posted

Website Web page link Comments
Facebook Updated by Nicole Engard
Koha mailing list - general Posted by release manager
Koha website News item posted by release manager
Library Technology Guides Library technology related news items - update by Marshall Breeding, including Twitter (!/mbreeding). Notify by email or through the LTG message form (login required).
Open Network Libraries Latest announcement was for 3.4.4
Liswire Register and post a release
Twitter!/kohails Updated by Nicole Engard