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pybugz is a command line utility to interact with bugzilla. I was looking for a command line tool to retrieve information from bugzilla like status, comments, without having to go on the webpage (I didn't found equivalent with git-bz).


Get pybugz

Go where you want ($PATH), run:

cd $PATH
git clone pybugz

To install it run:

python $PATH/pybugz/ build
sudo python $PATH/pybugz/ install

Configure pybugz

Minimal configuration file $HOME/.bugzrc

password: PASSWORD

You can do an alias in your ~/.bashrc file for example:

alias bugzz='bugz --connection Koha'

Or without the configuration file:

alias bugzz='bugz -b -u $USER -p $PASSWORD '
source ~/.bashrc

Using pybugz

$ bugzz search datatable
* Using 
* Searching for 'datatable' 
* Already logged in.
6836 julian.maurice       jQuery plugin Datatables integration
* 1 bug(s) found.
$ bugzz get 6836
Title       : jQuery plugin Datatables integration
Assignee    :
Reported    : 2011-09-02 10:31:00 +0000
Updated     : 2011-10-31 09:48:59 +0000
Status      : ASSIGNED
Severity    : enhancement
Priority    : PATCH-Sent
$ bugzz get 6836|egrep -i "(status|priority)"
Status      : ASSIGNED
Priority    : PATCH-Sent
$ bugzz search --assigned-to --show-status
=> Find all bugs assigned to julian


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