Proposals for KohaCon12

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It's time to start thinking about KohaCon12. Organizations that want to host the event are requested to add the details of their proposal to the table below, and create a separate page for further details. It is customary that the final decision will be made through a vote open to the whole Koha community.

The rules

No single country can host KohaCon two years in a row, so since KohaCon11 is being held in India, proposals from India for KohaCon12 are probably not necessary.

The time

The proposing organization decides what time they want to hold the conference. Some people have expressed their preference in this Doodle poll.


  • Deadline for proposals: 1st September 2011. - This deadline is now passed and it is too late to add more proposals!
  • Deadline for voting: 1st October 2011

The result

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

The Proposals

Summary Table

Please edit this table and add any information you have. (The format of this table is the same as the one for the KohaCon2011 Proposals, so if you want to re-use a proposal you should be able to copy and paste from there.)

Location Hosting Organization Contact Proposed Dates Proposed Cost Local Hotels Restaurants in Walking Distance Local Libraries and Library Science Work Arts/Entertainment in Walking Distance International Airport Options
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (IYC 2012 is also our 10th anniversary) and other tbc MJ Ray, citing ref 2612 tbd on venue availability, prefer June to avoid festival season free to attend, costs to be covered by finding sponsors "huge choice" "vast selection" Several Scottish national libraries, universities Lots, as you would expect in a capital city. See wikitravel EDI (incl Newark+Atlanta), GLA (incl Toronto, Dubai+Lahore), PIK (Ryanair/Wizzair), ZXE via LHR/LGW/LUT/STN
Reno, NV USA Washoe County

Library System

Nancy Keener tbd unknown top rated hotels & casinos numerous, wide variety Academic, Public, Law numerous, wide variety Reno Tahoe

International Airport

Please feel free to create links to a page with further details if the table above feels too constrained. And to re-use pages from earlier proposals!