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I (Jonathan Druart aka Joubu) propose to continue and serve as Release Manager for the development cycle of the version 20.11 of Koha.


Previous RM candidatures

Can be found at Proposal for RM 17.11 and Proposal for RM 18.05.

Goals and focus

I am going to continue and bring forward the give and take approach, and work closely with the active community members.

Knowing the needs of some of you, I will try and help on the different topics along the release cycle:

  • REST API and its use within Koha
  • Elasticsearch
  • Improve the error handling (logging, exceptions, trace)
  • Translatability (make things more translatable)
  • Code stability (refactoring, test coverage, etc.)

A RM 20.11 board will be created for use by the community members who are willing to participate (detail will be discussed with the team).

RM priorities

I am trying to keep up-to-date a list of my priorities (ie. what I want to see moved forward/what I want to be worked on)

On bugzilla there are 2 useful keywords to follow: rel_20_11_target and RM_priorities


Koha 20.11 will be released end of November, if it is considered stable enough for release (i.e. if it has been thoroughly enough tested)