Proposal for QAM 18.04 kfischer

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I propose to reinstate the role of Quality Assurance Manager as a coordinating and organizing role. This would include:

  • Keeping an overview of ongoing work in the different areas and keeping an eye on the different queues
  • Communicate with the release manager about priorities, coordinate efforts, try to make sure important things are taken care of
  • Alert QA team members about things that need to be taken care of urgently (security, blocker)
  • Identify recurring problems and bring them to discussion within the QA team and in the developer meetings
  • Collecting and documenting information about the QA process and testing (exceptions for packaging manager, tools, etc.)
  • Try and recruit second sign offers for bugs in sensitive areas or bugs that need specific expertise
  • Coordinate efforts on bigger dependency trees

Some other ideas for discussion:

  • Create an intro to QA wiki page to collect information on process and approaches to QA
  • Recruit topic experts for long standing bugs for out-of-core-team QA
  • Assign a designated QA person for big dependency trees
  • Work with the QA team to set some team goals to get an idea on how we understand the work, what expectations we have, ...

Also: QA, try to shake out all the bugs before things go into master.