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The offical perltidy style for perl code in Koha is the perltidy 'default' or 'larry-wall' style. (There was a customised perltidy style for Koha - which was not official or enforced)

$ perltidy ./

you can force the default style (by overriding your ~/.perltidyrc file) using the -nopro or --noprofile option, like this...

$ perltidy -npro ./
$ perltidy --noprofile ./

The current best practice regarding historical Koha code, is to perltidy *only* the specific code block that you are modifying...and no more! (um.. unless its really really fugly :p)

In other words, please don't perltidy entire files, or send patches that contain perltidy changes to code *other* than the code-block being modified

We are currently taking a gently/slowly approach - as the Koha codebase transitions to the new perltidy style

Some info on using vim to perltidy selected code blocks is here

- TODO - add perltidy intergration examples for other editors

The tutorial on the perltidy homepage has a section on using perltidy from within editors on parts of a file.

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