Overdue fines for bib-level recalls

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Ensure overdue fines are detected for biblio-level recalls, sponsored by Waikato Institute of Technology.

Getting started

Ensure you have 2 borrowers (Borrower A and B, and you have login credentials for Borrower B), and an Item A. Ensure your circulation rules have the following values (or that the following fields are at least set):

  • fine amount = 2
  • fine charging interval = 1
  • recall due date interval (days) = 0
  • recall overdue fine amount = 5

Test plan

  1. Check out Item A to Borrower A
  2. Log in to the OPAC as Borrower B
  3. Place a biblio-level recall on Item A
  4. Check Borrower A's checkouts, their checkout should now be overdue
  5. Check Borrower A's account again the next day. They should now have an accruing fine of $5 (or the amount you set for circ rules recall overdue fine amount) applied to their account.
  6. Check that fines on normal overdues still apply as normal, for the amount set to circ rules fine amount.

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