Organizational IRC Meeting, 2006, May 29

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Organizational Meeting Agenda for 2006, May 29

News and Questions

Koha Versioning

  • As things stand we have three branches:
    • rel_2_2 - stable, old-style MARC-in-SQL
    • dev-week - rel_2_2 codebase with Zebra support
    • head - new codebase, new features, but buggy, partial Zebra support
    • hdl_auth - for some authorities improvements. (based on 2_2)
  • We need to clarify our expectations about what versions will be released and what they should contain
  • status of the different versions.

Koha API for '3.0'

  • Don't use 'dbh' or 'zconn' except in - JF
  • Object-oriented vs. Functions and Koha - JF
  • Only export API Functions in modules - JF
  • How to provide full MARC support while keeping non-MARC libraries (like HLT) happy? - JF
    • Koha table XML DTD? (use DTDs to generate the editor?)
      • Zebra can search XML of Koha tables with three-tier approach (biblio,biblioitems,items) and MARC/MARCXML of MARC with only a two tier approach ... would this work?
      • here's the start of a Koha table DTD:
  • new - for dealing with all record-related manipulations committed to HEAD - JF

Perl ZOOM Plugin Status

MARC::* Suite and Koha

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