Millennium iii Bibs Export for Koha

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By Rebecca Crago

Instructions for Exporting Bibs
From Create Lists module
-Select a list field that allows for the most record numbers possible. Empty a list, if needed.
-Search records
-Name Review File
-Select record type in Store Record Type
-Search all records in range
-If record type contains more than 125,000 records, note the beginning and end record numbers.
-Go to Data Exchange module
-Give output file name with the extension .mrc out
-Input the range of record numbers from the list you pulled in the previous steps.
-When command finishes running, close
-Open Data Exchange module and select the file you just created
-Select process to output MARC records using another system FTS
-Select Put PC
-Delete .out from extension file name (so your file is something like bibs.mrc)
-Save to C:\ drive on local computer

Open MARC editor
-Go to MARC tools
-Open saved file from C:\ drive as input file and name output file
-Use MarcBreaker function
-Translate to UTF8

MARC Fields from a formatted Bib record .mrc
=LDR 01608cam a2200361 a 4500
=001 7837322
=003 OCoLC
=005 19830722144843.0
=008 810916s1982\\\\cau\\\\\\b\\\s001\0\eng\\
=010 \\$a81016469
=020 \\$a0520045718
=040 \\$aDLC$cDLC$dCUX$dQRA
=049 \\$aQRA{dollar}
=050 0\$aHV4711$b.R36 1982
=050 \\$aHV4711$b.R36 1982
=050 0\$aHV4711$b.R36 1982
=100 1\$aRegan, Tom.
=245 10$aAll that dwell therein :$banimal rights and environmental ethics /$cTom Regan.
=260 \\$aBerkeley :$bUniversity of California Press,$cc1982.
=300 \\$ax, 249 p. ;$c23 cm.
=500 \\$a"Papers and lectures written and delivered over the past six years or so on the general topic of human obligations to nonhumans"--Pref.
=504 \\$aBibliography: p. 241-246.
=500 \\$aIncludes index.
=505 0\$aThe moral basis of vegetarianism -- Utilitarianism, vegetarianism, and animal rights -- Animal experimentation -- Animal rights, human wrongs -- Why whaling is wrong -- An examination and defense of one argument concerning animal rights -- Animals and the law -- What sorts of beings can have rights? -- The nature and possibility of an environmental ethic -- Environmental ethics and the ambiguity of the Native Americans' relationship with nature.
=650 \0$aAnimal welfare.
=650 \0$aAnimal welfare$xLaw and legislation.
=650 \2$aAnimals$xessays.
=650 \2$aBioethics$xessays.
=650 \2$aLegislation, Veterinary$xessays.
=907 \\$ab1000001x$c-
=902 \\$a090224
=998 \\$b3$c970530$dm$ea$f-$g0
=945 \\$lhstks$s-$t0$y.i1000001x