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Mattermost is like an open chat room where you can drop in to see what's going on, ask questions, or find out how to participate in regular community meetings.

Navigating and Using Mattermost

First read the Welcome Message

Read the short Welcome Message. (Find it also within Mattermost by selecting the Pinned Messages icon in the Town Square channel.) Topics covered include formatting tips and:

  1. Code of Conduct. The Koha Community Code of Conduct applies to Mattermost.
  2. Channels. Default channels, finding and joining Channels. Not sure where to post? 'Town Square' is the general discussion.
  3. Award points. How to show appreciation to others.

Then get started

  1. Connect. Point any web browser to
  2. Choose a username. You will be able to put your real life name into your Profile.
  3. Drop in at different times. The project is truly international, you will quickly find that there are 'busy' times for various parts of the world. If you want to talk to someone in New Zealand or America you will find they are around at vastly different hours :-)
  4. Don't be discouraged. Every volunteer on the project, even those who work for support companies have work outside of Chat and may not be able to answer. If you don't get an answer in chat the mailing lists are a good backup.
  5. Come back often. The more you are in the Chat the more questions you will be able to answer and the more people you will get to know

Additional tips

  1. View members. You can choose the little 'down arrow' next to 'Koha Community' to see everyone's username and name.
  2. DMs (Direct Messages). Select a user's name, and a window will appear with the option to Message them.
  3. Calls. In the 'DIRECT MESSAGES' area, in a DM with a user, you can launch an audio call.
  4. Video meeting with Jitsi. You can access Jitsi via the 'Start Jitsi Meeting' button (on the right in most web browser displays)
  5. GitLab. You can access GitLab via the 'GitLab' button (on the right in most web browser displays)
  6. Apps. Select the 'waffle' then 'Download apps.'
  7. See your points & more. To see your Channel Posts, Emoji Distribution, Appreciation and Points, type into a post box:
    /karma me stats
    This response from the bot will be visible only to you.