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Mana is an Open Source Knowledge Base & micro-service platform dedicated to library data.

It's based on crowd-sourcing. Librarians can share, import and comment information, like subscription numbering patterns, book reviews, reports, ... to Mana. Those data will be available through webservices, that can be accessed from outside, not only by Koha (some data that are not tighten to Koha)



Mana is a Maori verb easy to pronounce and write which mean to be legal, effectual, binding, authoritative, valid.

Shared Content

For the moment, Mana will centralize the following information :

System preference

There is a system preference 'Mana' listed in the web services preferences.

Syspref to enable or disable Mana on Koha

This system preference allow the librarian to enable or disable the utilization of Mana.


The subscription on Mana are identified by its title, ISSN, EAN and vendor name, and there are all link with its numbering pattern and its frequency.


On the subscription management, there is a 'share' button, to propose common information to Mana. An alert message will ask confirmation before sharing then a notification will feedback if the export is well done or not.


After the first screen of subscription creation, Koha will automatically request Mana if there are some data available for the current bibliographic record. When there are some results from Mana, a notification will be show and the librarians can click on 'Here' to see all the results.

On the Mana results pop-up the librarians choose which subscription model they want to use and it's will pre-filled all the information concerning the numbering pattern and the frequency of the subscription.

Then, they can fill the remaining inputs and make a prediction pattern and, if they want, test another Mana subscription model. At final, when the librarians click on 'Save subscription', it will create at the same time of the subscription create, the corresponding numbering pattern and frequency.


On the serial home page, there is a option 'Search on mana' in the left panel. Librarians can click on it and it's display a serials search page to make a research by title, ISSN, EAN and vendor name on Mana.

Then all the results are listed in a datatable and later it will be possible to the librarian to post a comment on a subscription model.

To do

  • Ability to comment a shared content.
  • Ability to say if a shared content is deprecated.
  • Manage the vendors the same way of the subscription.
  • Manage the SQL reports the same way of the subscription.
  • Put the webservice at this url :


Tasks of the project :
Server source code :
Client source code integrated in Koha :

written by Morgane Alonso, intern at BibLibre

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