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Broad Categories

Koha                             [c]
  Technical                      [c]
    Development                  [c]
      Coding guidlines           [p]
      QA procedures              [p]
      Coding guides              [c]
        Working with git         [c|p]            
        Copyright                [p]
      RFC                        [c]
        Open                     [s]
        Closed                   [s]
        Abandonded               [s]
        Implimented              [s]
    Administration               [c]
      Installation               [c]
        Installing with Packages [p]
        Installing with Git      [p]
      Customisation              [c]
        XSLT Library             [p]
        jQuery Library           [p]
        css Library              [p]
      Maintenance                [c]
  Community                      [c]
    About Koha                   [c]
      History                    [p]
    Using Koha                   [c]
    Meetings                     [c]
      IRC Logs                   [c]
    Conferences                  [c]
    Global action days           [c]
      Bug Squash days            [c]
      QA Sprint days             [c]

    Reports Library
    Skinning Library
    Tips & Ticks

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