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How to get email through spam filters!

So, in many cases koha is configured to send mail directly from the local server. If you want your mails to get through all the spam filtering there is today, you'll need DKIM Signatures and SPF Records setup for the domain which your server reside in and your 'From:' address for all mails originating from the server MUST be within the servers domain.

i.e. If koha is at then the KohaAdminEmailAddress (and and 'email' settings per branch) must be something like:

With Bug 9530, you get some extra options for email:

The 'Reply-to:' address can be in ANY domain and will still pass through spam filters. It allows user to reply to a 'useful' address whilst the 'From:' address is still valid.

The 'Return-path:' address however, again, MUST be within your servers domain. i.e for mails to get through spam filters.

The above is all to do with how SPF records work.. but setting up SPF and DKIM is beyond the scope of this note.