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WARNING! This page is obsolete.
This page exists for historical reasons only.


Koha Live DVD: a blue print

Operating system

Xubuntu 12.04 Xubuntu give traditional desktop and lightweight suitable for new and old computers. We can limit the Live DVD size below 1 GB. Live DVD customisation tool


Very flexible tool, suitable to create clone of the system and can retain the Koha user settings and environment. Suitable for running in live mode and for installation.

Koha version

3.12.00 ??? Yet to be released

Koha installation method

Koha from Ubuntu packages

Backup mechanism

Either we can trust existing backup mechanism of Koha or make use other tools like automysqlbackup . Otherwise we can create a shell script to automate backup in every one hour. The location of backup place can be /home/koha/backup.

Audience of the Live DVD

For Koha newbies. Librarians, research scholars, LIS students and teachers.

Extent of Koha customisation

Customisation of Koha in certain extent is needed in Live DVD. It can give a friendly interface for Koha users. Post installation steps should complete in Live DVD. Following are the details of customisations:

  1. Some sample reports from Koha SQL Report Library
  2. On and off certain system preferences
  3. Addition of ACQ cataloguing framework
  4. Customisation of BKS Framework in cataloguing. Removal of unwanted fields and retaining commonly used MARC tags. See the screenshot.

Materials to be included in the DVD

Additional tools in Koha Live DVD

  1. Koha Offline Circulation tool


  • Koha wallpaper

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