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Voting for KohaCon 2013 is CLOSED

Voting Rules: If you vote for someplace as #1 it gets 5 points, #2 it gets 4 points, and so on. In the end we tally the points to see where the conference takes place. That way if everyone picks one place as #1 but more people pick it as second and third it still might win. So basically if you won't go somewhere no matter what then don't vote for that location and it will get no points from you.


The following were the point values received by each location:

  • Reno, NV, USA [Sept or Oct] :: 2256
  • Ibadan, Nigeria [Jul, Aug, or Sept]  :: 1411
  • Córdoba, Argentina [Jul, Aug, or Sept]  :: 1381
  • The National Capital Region, USA [Oct or Mar]  :: 1366
  • Erie, Pennsylvania, USA [Summer] :: 1344


Proposals for hosting

Location Hosting Organization Contact Proposed Dates Proposed Cost Local Hotels Restaurants in Walking Distance Local Libraries and Library Science Work Arts/Entertainment in Walking Distance International Airport Options

Our bid site The National Capital Region, United States For a taste of what's in store, visit Our Department of Tourism's Website

Distinctive Indexing BWS Johnson October 2013 OR March 2013 No Registration Fee Tonnes of Hotels Tonnes of Restaurants and Pubs Tonnes of Libraries Riots of Entertainment! DCA , BWI , IAD

Reno, NV

Washoe County Library System Nancy Keener Late Summer ( Sept and Oct ) great time in Reno and Tahoe No Registration Fee Hotels in Reno Restaurants WCLS Annual Events in Reno Reno International Airport - Quick and easy access to all of Reno/Tahoe area. The worlds outdoor playground.

Erie, PA

Crawford County Federated Library System Kyle M Hall Summer ( July or August would be best for the beach ) No Registration Fee Hotels in Erie Restaurants CCFLS ECLS Major Attractions in Erie PIT, ERI, YYZ ( Toronto. If you fly into Toronto, you will drive right through Niagara Falls on the way to Erie, PA )

Ibadan, Nigeria

Our bid site

Projektlink Konsult Ltd Olugbenga Adara July or August or September 2013 No Registration Fee Several Several

1 Local Koha Library

Several others


Lagos (2hrs by road to Ibadan)

Abuja (1 hr flight to Ibadan)

Córdoba, Argentina


Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Tomás Cohen Arazi

Bernardo González Kriegel

July or August or September 2013 No Registration Fee TRipadvisor list

Other list


The campus has its own restaurants too.

25+ @ UNC (stock Koha) Several. UNC will be turning 400 yrs old

Córdoba (30')

Ezeiza (@ Buenos Aires)

C.A.B.A. (@ Buenos Aires)

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