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Where: UK, probably Somerset or Bristol
When: October 2011
Organiser: software.coop

Request for Help

software.coop has agreed to evaluate the idea of hosting #kohacon11 but we've been a bit busy (as ever). What do they need to know?

We're still a fairly small company (not being able to pawn the company makes growth slower but stabler) so how many people would we need?

Any notes the people at Catalyst can share? HLT? Plano? France?

(Not posted to list): We also have the problem of our shared space being in a secure building miles away from our development work, so it's not a practical option for hosting any part of the event.

More Details


Current thoughts are to host in Weston-super-Mare during the so-called "shoulder season" when most accommodation and attractions are still open but not so in demand by tourists. This means we'll have worse weather, but cheaper accommodation and might be able to negotiate group deals with places. Hotels, B+Bs and Restaurants are all very plentiful here, as you'd expect for a town that has been serving tourists for over 200 years. Possible conference venues include the Campus, the Winter Gardens, the Grand Pier or one of the theatres. Hackfest location probably one of the small theatres, meeting rooms in the conference venue or a church hall. Could we get enough sponsorship to cover this?

A mailing list discussion suggested September instead of October. That may push some prices up (either venue or travel+accommodation) but might be possible. The weather would probably be better, except at the end of September (spring tides).

If that doesn't work out, Bristol is near enough and has plenty of hotels, conference venues and other tech co-ops and hotdesk places who could be asked for hackfest help. Or we could try to base around a library or another software.coop location.

Glastonbury Tor

Both WsM and Bristol have long-distance high-speed trains (125mph/200km/h) serving them. The main UK airports are about 100-150 miles away and their main rail links face London (facing away from the West), but if enough people flying into the London airports (preferably Heathrow, but Gatwick is OK and we could visit Stansted, Luton and City if we must) wanted to do it, we could run a short road trip, maybe stopping at Stonehenge, Glastonbury and/or Cheddar Gorge on the way and passing Brent Knoll before arriving at the venue.