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These are proposed tikanga. They are no good without feedback. I also feel like I'm missing stuff. I am also working on more specific things. So these are meant to hold the level of specificity they currently have.

As with any culture, understanding Koha etiquette takes time, effort, and practice. If you are unsure about your conduct, seek out the Kaitiaki.

The community is larger than any individual or any vendor. We are related and intertwined. Enthusiasm and fun nourish the project.

There exists a white space of balance between the black of the developers and the red of the librarians. The pattern is harmonious and code absent all three is devoid of meaning.

We build upon the work of the past, while seeking innovative twists. We aren't afraid to break from the pack if it means a better product for our users and their patrons.

Call things as you see them. Constructive criticism is the fuel of innovation. Respecting another's mana and keeping discourse welcoming to newcomers is the lifeblood of the project.

We pride ourselves on pairing high quality craftsmanship with unmatched accessibility. In the words of MJ Ray "The professionals have really messed stuff up for the artisans."

While financial support is a fine fuel for development, alternatives are present. Professionals are paid in coin; artisans derive satisfaction from the work itself.

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