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On 24-25 October, we have an opportunity for us to work together on planning and doing some things to improve our libraries and Koha, including contributing to the development project. (Previously called a hackfest! All levels of skill and experience are welcome!)

For those joining the hackfest in-person, we will be at Catalyst IT, 150 Willis Street. A reminder that the hackfest is for absolutely everyone. We're really excited to find ways for everyone to contribute to the global Koha project, whether that's through submitting your first patch, or helping with documentation, or strategising - there's something for all of us!

For those joining the hackfest online, we'll be available on IRC as usual, and look forward to talking to you all weekend.



If you plan on working on any project during Koha DIY, you can add them here to let other people know. If you are interested in one of the projects listed here, contact the person(s) to discuss how you can help.

  • Documentation Live Stream with Caroline Cyr La Rose (caroline on IRC),
    • Date and time: Saturday, October 24, 9am NZST (Friday Oct. 23 4pm EST)
    • Access: Access the stream
    • This will be me (Caroline) editing the manual live and explaining what I do. This will not be a "getting started" presentation

Starting out with bugs

To test

We've marked bugs that are easy to test with the Sandboxes with the keyword "Academy". You find them using the advanced search on Bugzilla or using the link:

To fix

Bug 26722 - [Omnibus] Use descriptive link texts
Keeping Julian's presentation about improving accessilibity in mind, there are some links that could use a better description. The omnibus bug serves as a starting point with the actual bugs linked to it.

Bug 19532 - Recalls

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