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This page is a 2016 work in progress documenting the installation of the Koha 3.22 tarball on a Fedora server. Fedora is a Linux distribution of the RedHat family.


Koha dependencies

Fedora standard repositories include Zebra, Yaz and most Perl dependencies that Koha requires. A few Perl dependencies need to be installed from CPAN. As for the rest, Koha defaults seem ok for Fedora.

An Ansible task for all the requirements was prepared that is able to install them automatically. See Ansible docs on how to use it.

Automatic installation

If you clone the ansible recipe, installing should be as easy as:

ansible-playbook koha.yml -u root -i inventory.ini

Currently focused on a server used only for backend/catalogue, with a few settings still hardcoded (like it_IT locale, default domain and passwords).

The recipe also handles the SELinux policy and keeps SELinux enabled and enforcing. Memcached is installed, but not used by default.

Online installation

Now open the website in your browser and complete the installation, which will ask about MARC configurations and the like. The username and password will be the same used for MySQL. Especially if you left the defaults, you must change them!

2017 update

The recipe has been updated to Koha 2017.05 and tested on Fedora 25 and Fedora 26.

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