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North America

There are additional entries for Central America and the Carribean.

Canada | México | The United States of America

Country Location Library Type Library Name Contact Name Notes


Picton, ON Reference library Naval Marine Archive: the Canadian Collection Paul A. (paul.a@navalmarinearchive.com) http://opac.navalmarinearchive.com Koha 3.08.24 on Ubuntu
Canada Slocan, BC Public Slocan Community Library Yuval Hager (yhager@yhager.com) http://catalog.slocanlibrary.ca. Koha 3.16 (as of June 2014) on Debian, since 2010
Canada Montreal, QC Health Library Réseau Santécom Olivier Robert (santecom@inspq.qc.ca) 10 library network with 21 locations. Supported and hosted by InLibro since 2013 (currently running version 16.05). http://www.santecom.qc.ca
Canada Dawson Creek, BC Elementary School Library Notre Dame School Colin Dellow (cldellow@hotmail.com) Koha 2.0.0PR2 on Windows 95, converting from an *old* version of CSL as of August 2003
Canada Vancouver, BC French institute Alliance Francaise Hélène Machillot (library@alliancefrancaise.ca) Koha 2.0


Toronto, ON Special Childcare Resource and Research Unit – University of Toronto
http://circonline.ca (supported and hosted by LibLime)
Canada Toronto, ON Special Toronto Friends (Quaker) Library
Appox. 2000 records. Koha 3.8 on Debian, Dec 2012.
Canada Toronto, ON Special Toronto Botanical Garden library

Canada Hanover, ON Public Hanover Public Library Agnes Rivers-Moore (arm@hanover.ca) Leading a consortium of 7 local public libraries migrating from Winnebago Spectrum in 2009. Initially in-house hosting & support - moved to Equinox 2014.
Canada Shelburne, ON Public Shelburne Public Library Rose Dotten In Saugeen Consortium, live in 2009. Using Equinox hosting & support from 2014.
Canada Grand Valley, ON Public Grand Valley Public Library Shann Leighton In Saugeen Consortium, live in 2009. Using Equinox hosting & support from 2014.
Canada Flesherton, ON Public Grey Highlands Public Library Wilda Allen 3 branches. In Saugeen Consortium, live in 2009. Using Equinox hosting & support from 2014.
Canada Durham, ON Public West Grey Public Library Kim Priestman 4 branches. In Saugeen Consortium, live in 2009. Using Equinox hosting & support from 2014.
Canada Huntsville, ON Public Huntsville Public Library Deborah Duce Liblime 2012, changing to Koha open source 2014.
Canada Thornbury, ON Public Blue Mountains Public Library Originally Liblime, live 2009. Switched to Koha open source & joined Saugeen Consortium 2015.
Canada Meaford, ON Public Meaford Public Library Cathie Lee Joined Saugeen Consortium 2015, using Equinox hosting and support.
Canada Terrace, BC Public school (ages 5-17) Coast Mountains School District Steve Tonnesen (tonnesenATcmsd.bc.ca) 4 schools and 2 district resource libraries
Canada Quebec, QC École secondaire Saint-Jean-Eudes Claude Élie (celie@sje.qc.ca) Koha 2.0.0, Mandrake 10, depuis août 2004
Canada Montreal, QC Association humaniste du Québec Bibliothèeque humaniste du Quebec Michel Virard (mvirard@symtec.ca) Koha 2.2.7 on Debian, depuis mai 2007
Canada Alma, QC Public Bibliothèque municipale d'Alma Emilie Guertin (emilie.guertin@ville.alma.qc.ca) Koha 17,05, support et hébergement par InLibro depuis mars 2015.
Canada Montréal, QC Special Library Bibliothèque à livres ouverts (BALO) Christian Tanguay (ctanguay@ccglm.org)

México Mexico City, DF Instituto Nacional de Cancerología Biblioteca de Recursos Médicos Manuel Montoya mmontoya@chipotle-software.com (http://docencia.incan.edu.mx:8888/) Koha 3.0 on Ubuntu Server
México Tijuana, BC Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México + Tijuana Biblioteca Loyola Adalid Ortiz adalid.ortiz@gmail.com (http://catalogo.biblioteca.iberotijuana.edu.mx/) Koha on Debian 3.2.81-1 x86_64 GNU/Linux. Migrado desde CDS/ISIS DOS en 2011.
México Mexico City, DF Special Bibliotecas de Espiritualidad Ricardo Vargas ricvargasmed@gmail.com (http://bibliotecasdeespiritualidad.mx/) Koha 3.14 on Debian Whezzy, Migración de SIABUC 8 en Agosto de 2013
México Mexico City, DF Special Centro de Información Farmaceútica Valeant Ricardo Vargas ricvargasmed@gmail.com (http://valeant.koha.escire.net/) Koha 3.14 on Centos, Implementado en Enero 2014
México Mexico City, DF Special Centro de Documentación y Biblioteca "Fernando Rivera Arnaiz" CEMLA Ricardo Vargas ricvargasmed@gmail.com (http://cemla-biblioteca.org:81/) Koha 3.14 on Debian Whezzy, Implementado en Abril 2014
Mérida Yucatán

Luis Vicente Gómez Ontiveros luisvicente.gomez71@gmail.com

Aarón May Palma mpaaron@gmail.com


Koha 16.05 on Ubuntu, support and hosting by MiBiblio.com, Free platform for any type of libraries. Since February 2016.
United States Craftsbury Common, VT Academic Sterling College Library Petra Vogel (pvogel@sterlingcollege.edu) Koha 3.22.08, support and hosting by ByWater Solutions
United States Huntsville, AL Public Huntsville-Madison County Public Library Aaron Sakovich (asakovich@hmcpl.org) Koha 3.14, support and hosting by ByWater Solutions; First public library in Alabama on Koha.
United States Alaska Special Native Village of Afognak Vera Benedek (http://library.afognak.org) (supported and hosted by LibLime)
United States Alaska Special Alaska Statewide Mentor Project
(supported and hosted by LibLime)
United States
Carmel, CA
Harrison Memorial Library

Hosted by ByWater Solutions
United States El Monte, CA Special Logos Evangelical Seminary Shelley Sii(shelley@les.edu)(http://lib.les.edu) Testing on Koha 3.0
United States Monterey, CA Public Monterey Public Library David Kuhn (kuhn@monterey.org) Hosted by ByWater Solutions
United States Orange, CA Teacher Resources Continuing Education Orange Center Jeremy Collins (collins_jeremy@rsccd.org) Begining to add books(~1000 total), version Koha 1.2.3 on Linux
United States Pacific Grove, CA Public Pacific Grove Public Library Doug Holtzman (dholtzman@cityofpacificgrove.org) Hosted by ByWater Solutions
United States Salinas, CA Public Salinas Public Library Hosted by ByWater Solutions
United States Santa Barbara, CA Academic Antioch University Christina Forte (http://opac.antiochsb.edu/) (supported and hosted by LibLime)
United States Santa Barbara, CA Academic Pacifica Graduate Institute Erin Barta (ebarta@pacifica.edu) (supported and hosted by ByWater Solutions)
United States Santa Cruz, CA Public Santa Cruz Public Libraries (10 branches and Bookmobile) Jessie Bunker-Maxwell (jessb@santacruzpl.org) (supported by LibLime) early migration phase
United States Florence, CO Public John C. Fremont Library Jesse Weaver (http://jcfld.us.to/) Bleeding-edge Koha 3.0 on Arch Linux
United States Miami, FL Corporate-NonProfit? The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Sky V. King(sky@knightfdn.org) Installed, entering data
United States Orlando, FL Special Library, non-profit The Augustan Society, Inc. Bruce A. Metcalf (library@augustansociety.org) Koha 16 on Debian, 15% cataloged
United States Palm Beach, FL Public/Non-Profit Special Library The Society of the Four Arts Graham Brunk (gbrunk@fourarts.org) 2 Libraries, Adult and Children's OPAC here: http://fourarts.bywatersolutions.com
United States Indiana Special Indiana University GLBT Library http://wairaka.lib.indiana.edu
United States Walker, IA Private School (K-12) Cono Christian School Matthew Metzger (matthew.metzger@cono.org) Installed Koha 2.2.4 in 2005. Now upgrading 2.2.9 to 3.0 alpha. Using in the school library. Ubuntu 6.06 server.
United States West Liberty, IA Public West Liberty Public Library Tim McMahon (http://opac.wlpl.org) Started with version 2.2.5 supported by LibLime. Now official Debian packages
United States Boise, ID Academic Stevens-Henager College Library Rachel Hollis, rachel_dot_hollis_at_stevenshenager_dot_edu Deployed 3.01 on Debian Oct. 2008; entering data, breaking stuff. Now running instances in Nampa and Idaho Falls!
United States Champaign-Urbana, IL Special Library, non-profit Family Resiliency Center Koha 2.2.8 on Windows XP
United States Chicago, IL Special Library, non-profit Irish American Heritage Center Library Andrew Dougherty (andrewdo@frdcsa.org) upgrading to 3.0, Debian
United States Indianapolis, IN Special library, government Indiana Supreme Court Law Library Terri Ross (lawlibrary@courts.in.gov) (http://lawlibrary.in.gov) ByWater hosted; former member of INCOLSA consortium (2004-2011)
United States Great Bend, KS Library System, multitype Central Kansas Library System Kathleen Rippel (kdr@ckls.org)(http://ckls.kohalibrary.com) LibLime hosted 3.0 ; 31 libraries to be included at this time. Migrations from various products
United States Lawrence, KS Library System, multitype Next Search Catalog (shared catalog operated by Northeast Kansas Library System) George Williams (gwilliams -at- nekls.org)
Next Search Catalog
Next Map
44-library consortium with 52 locations.
Migrated to LibLime hosted 3.0 from various ILSes in 2008.
Supported through ByWater Solutions since 2012.
United States Iola, KS Library System, multitype Southeast Kansas Library System Roger Carswell, SEKLS Director (rcarswell@sekls.org)
Jason Robb, SEKnFind Coordinator (jrobb@sekls.org)
43-library consortium migrated from various systems and/or retrospectively converted - Supported by ByWater
United States Derby, KS Public Derby Public Library Debbie Thomas (debbie@derbylibrary.com)(http://derby.kohalibrary.com) migrated to LibLime hosted 3.0
United States Parsons, KS Academic Labette Community College Library Scotty Zollars(scottz@labette.edu)(http://www.labette.edu/library) version hosted by LibLime
United States Bridgton, ME Public Bridgton Public Library Holly Hancock (hollyh@bridgton.lib.me.us) Koha Currently running version 3.2.x
United States Casco, ME Public Casco Public Library Curt Murley (cpmurley@gmail.com) Koha since 2007 - currently running version 3.6.x
United States Blue Hill, ME Public Blue Hill Public Library Rich Boulet (rboulet@bhpl.net) Koha 3.xx since Feb 2009, supported and hosted by PTFS
United States Minneapolis, MN Public Northern Philatelic Library Tim Auld (auldstampguy@gmail.com) Koha Ubuntu 16.4, currently processing 1600 philatelic research books into Koha. http://library.norpslib.org
United States Ann Arbor, MI Academic University of Michigan Kresge Library Services John Sterbenz (jsterben_at_umich_dot_edu) 5/2020: Prod & Dev: 19.11 on Ubuntu 18.04. Cataloging and financials only, serving up a nearly entirely electronic collection (300,000 records). Self-hosted and maintained.

OPAC: http://lib.bus.umich.edu/
United States Flint, MI Christian Study Center Verity Education Les Means (eyemeansit_at_gmail_dot_com) 2.2.2 on Fedora Core 3, attempting this with no prior cataloging experience… yikes!
United States Jackson, MS Archives Mississippi Department of Archives & History Linda Culberson (http://zed.mdah.state.ms.us) Koha 3.0.4, self-hosted, support by ByWater
United States Sanbornton, NH Public Sanbornton Public Library
United States Plaistow, NH Public Plaistow Public Library
United States Buffalo, NY Special Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Cynthia Van Ness (bechslibr at bechs.org) Koha Express
United States New York Academic Davis College Library Jeremy McGinniss (jmcginniss@davisny.edu) Currently running 2.2.5 on Linux. In process of updating to 3.0 as of May 2009
United States New York Special St. Nersess Seminary http://opac.stnersess.edu/ (supported by LibLime)
United States New York, NY Medical New York University Health Sciences Libraries THIS IS NO LONGER THE CONTACT Ian Walls (Ian.Walls@med.nyu.edu) http://hslcat.med.nyu.edu Koha 3.0.3, self-hosted
United States Charlotte, NC K-12, German Language Immersion School Deutsche Schule Charlotte

Contact: (martin.house[at]gmail[dot]com)

http:// Koha 16.05, self-hosted through www.atlantic.net
United States Athens, OH Virtual Library LibLime Virtual Library THIS IS PROBABLY NOT ACCURATE Joshua Ferraro (jmf@liblime.com) Full Koha Demos: http://liblime.com/c/demos.html
United States Barberton, OH Public Barberton Public Library (supported by LibLime) in process of migrating
United States Columbus, OH Corporate WD Partners Nancy Collander (Nancy.Collander@WDPartners.com) (supported and hosted by LibLime)
United States Nelsonville, OH Public Athens County Public Libraries (7 library branches) Owen Leonard (oleonard@myacpl.org https://search.myacpl.org) Koha 3.22.08 (supported by ByWater) in production since 2003, July; first public library in US to use Koha
United States Stow, OH Public Stow - Munroe Falls Public Library Jorge de Cardenas (http://opac.smfpl.org/) (supported by ByWater) using Koha 3.10 upgrading to 3.14
United States Toledo, OH Diocese Toledo Diocese Library (supported by LibLime) in process of migrating
United States Portland, OR Non-Profit Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife Library, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Tami Wilkerson (twilkerson@critfc.org) https://www.streamnetlibrary.org/ Hosted by ByWater
United States Exton, PA Church Immanuel Presbyterian Church [3] Tom Albrecht(talbrech@ipcpca.org) Testing 1.2.3 - Full Rollout with 2.0
United States Hanover, PA Church Library (6000 vols) Calvary Bible Church Rob Weir (robweir@alum.drexel.edu) Installed on Windows - currently converting data
United States Lancaster, PA Academic Schaff Library, Lancaster Theological Seminary Myka Kennedy Stephens (library@lancasterseminary.edu) Koha 3.22, self hosted, supported by ByWater Solutions; https://library.lancasterseminary.edu
United States McEwensville, PA Public Montgomery House Warrior Run Area Public Library Rick Lavigne (rick.lavigne@montgomeryhouselibrary.org) Koha 3.6.x, self hosted
United States Meadville, PA Public Crawford County Federated Library System (9 libraries) Cindy Murdock (cmurdock@ccfls.org) In process of migrating, see http://ccfls.org/about-koha for details
United States Philadelphia, PA High School Library Science Leadership Academy pscaer@phila.k12.pa.us Koha2.2.7;Ubuntu Linux server. Pilot project for affiliated school libraries
United States Philadelphia, PA Elementary School Library Potter Thomas Elementary Michael Reavey( mreavey@philasd.org) Koha3.0; Ubunbtu 9.04
United States Pittsburgh, PA Medical Research Library on Substance Abuse [1] Institute of Research, Education and Training in the Addictions [2] Scott Malec root@scottmalec.info Almost in production using 2.0pre5 on Linux - works great, but still tweaking!
United States Scranton, PA Academic Marywood University Lee Jamison (ldjamison@marywood.edu) Formerly hosted by SirsiDynix; Hosted through ByWater since June 2016
United States Abilene, TX Public Library System Big Country Library System John Pecoraro (john.pecoraro@abilenetx.com)(http://bcls.kohalibrary.com) LibLime hosted 3.0 ; 11 libraries included Jan 09.
United States Austin, TX Special (Government) Texas State Law Library library at sll dot texas dot gov http://catalog.sll.texas.gov
United States Bedford, TX Public Bedford Public Library Barbara Johnson (barbara.johnson@bedfordtx.gov) OPAC here - http://catalog.bedfordlibrary.org Supported and hosted by ByWater Solutions since October 2016
United States League City, TX Private School (K-8) St. Mary Catholic School Doug Bercich (doug@dbxsys.com) Koha 2.2.9 on Ubuntu 6.06. Just getting started.
United States Plano, TX School District - 71 schools Plano ISD (http://catalog.pisd.edu) 3.8 (Go live Jan 2009)
United States Round Rock, TX Public Library System Round Rock Public Library Rhonda Kuiper (rkuiper@roundrocktexas.gov) Koha 3.22.08 hosted by ByWater Solutions since April 2016.
United States Wimberley, TX Museum Vintage Aviation Historical Foundation[4] Roger Ritter (consult@rogerritter.com) Just getting started with 1.2.2
United States Kent, WA Home School (ages 8-13) The Academy for SEASONS Pat Eyler implementing in December
United States WI School (K-12) DC Everest School District (http://koha.dce.k12.wi.us/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl) Supported by Nucsoft OSS Labs (http://www.osslabs.biz)
United States Dunbar, WI Academic Northland Bible Baptist College Van Carpenter (http://libcat.ni.edu/) (supported and hosted by LibLime)
United States Livingston, MT Public Livingston-Park County Public Library Blaine Fleming (blaine@digital-z.com) Koha 3 with several patches to use memcached
United States Butte, MT Public Butte-Silver Bow Public Library Lee Phillips (lphillips@buttepubliclibrary.info http://buttepubliclibrary.info) Koha 3 self-hosted and LibLime support since 9-08
United States Riverside, CA Academic Center for Bibliographic Studies and Research at the University of California, Riverside Luis Baquera: luis dot baquera at ucr dot edu Consulting with LibLime to scope out requirements for migration from CudraSTAR to Koha 3
United States Oakland, CA Academic Samuel Merritt University Daniel Grobani (dgrobani@samuelmerritt.edu) migrated from Horizon to LibLime Koha in June 2009. Hosted & supported by ByWater since 2012.
United States Hinesburg, VT Public Carpenter-Carse Library Richard Pritsky (rpritsky@gmail.com) http://www.carpentercarse.org Koha 3.xx since October, 2008, member of vokal: VT Org. of Koha Automated Libraries, level 2 support from ByWater
United States Warren, VT Public Warren Public Library Richard Pritsky (rpritsky@gmail.com) http://www.warrenlibrary.com Koha 3.xx since February, 2009, member of vokal: VT Org. of Koha Automated Libraries, level 2 support from ByWater
United States Marlboro, VT School Marlboro Elementary School Library Richard Pritsky (rpritsky@gmail.com) http://marlboroschool.net/library Koha 3.xx since March, 2009, member of vokal: VT Org. of Koha Automated Libraries, level 2 support from ByWater
United States Norwich, VT Public Norwich Public Library Richard Pritsky (rpritsky@gmail.com) http://www.norwichlibrary.org Koha 3.xx since July, 2009, member of vokal: VT Org. of Koha Automated Libraries, level 2 support from ByWater
United States Randolph, VT Public Kimball Public Library Richard Pritsky (rpritsky@gmail.com) http://www.kimballlibrary.org/ Koha 3.xx as of December, 2009, member of vokal: VT Org. of Koha Automated Libraries, level 2 support from ByWater
United States Stowe, VT Public Stowe Free Library Richard Pritsky (rpritsky@gmail.com) http://www.stowelibrary.org Koha 3.xx November, 2009, member of vokal: VT Org. of Koha Automated Libraries, level 2 support from ByWater
United States Honolulu, HI Archives Hawaii State Archives Whitney Ross (whitney.ross@hawaii.gov) Currently running on v. 2.2.9
United States Fort Lauderdale, FL Special Stonewall National Museum & Archives Bob Ewart (tech@stonewall-library.org) OPAC here: http://stonewall.dnsalias.org
United States Boston Academic Institute for Human Centered Design OPAC here: http://koha.humancentereddesign.org/ Implemented & supported by Nucsoft OSS Labs (http://www.osslabs.biz)
United States San Francisco, CA Special San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Maritime Research Center Heather Hernandez (heather_hernandez@nps.gov) OPAC: http://keys.bywatersolutions.com/ (Supported and hosted by ByWater Solutions)
United States Chicago Academic Flashpoint Academy of Media Arts OPAC here: https://libcat.flashpointacademy.com/ Implemented & supported by Nucsoft OSS Labs (http://www.osslabs.biz)
United States North Central ID
Eastern WA
Public/School VALNet Library Consortium Lisa Curnutt (koha _at_ valnet.org)
Consortium of 49 public and school libraries in Idaho and Washington state.  OPAC at http://www.valnet.org/ (Supported and hosted by ByWater Solutions)
United States Vernal, UT Public https://basinlibraries.org Christopher Davis (cgdavis@uintah.utah.gov) Library consortium for the libraries within Duchesne & Uintah Counties, UT
United States San Francisco, CA Academic http://libraries.cca.edu Eric Phetteplace (ephetteplace@cca.edu) Migrating June, 2016 (Supported and hosted by ByWater Solutions)
United States Roseville, CA Public Roseville Public Library Chris Rohde (crohde@roseville.ca.us) OPAC here: https://library.roseville.ca.us Supported by ByWater Solutions
United States Idaho
Public/School Cooperative Information Network Christopher Brannon
Kari Wilson
Mark Foster
E-mail: support@cinlibraries.org
Consortium of 28 public and school libraries in Idaho and Washington state.
OPAC at http://catalog.cin.bywatersolutions.com/
(Supported and hosted by ByWater Solutions)
United States New York, NY Academic The Mendik Library, New York Law School
William Mills (wmills@nyls.edu) OPAC here: http://lawlib.nyls.edu.
Supported and hosted by ByWater Solutions
United States Texas Public Library Flower Mound Public Library Victoria C. Kemp (victoria.kemp@flower-mound.com) OPAC here: http://flowermound.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl
United States Seattle, WA Private, Medical Templeton Radiology Library Martina Vargas (radlib@uw.edu) OPAC here: http://uwrad.bywatersolutions.com/ Supported by ByWater Solutions
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