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Summary Table

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Location Hosting Organization Contact Proposed Dates Proposed Cost Local Hotels Restaurants in Walking Distance Local Libraries and Library Science Work Arts/Entertainment in Walking Distance International Airport Options
Córdoba, Argentina


Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Tomás Cohen Arazi

Bernardo González Kriegel

June or July or August or September or October 2014 No Registration Fee Tripadvisor list

Other list


The campus has its own restaurants too.

35+ @ UNC (stock Koha) Several. UNC will be turning 400 yrs old


Ezeiza - Buenos Aires

Capital Federal - Buenos Aires



Projektlink Konsult Ltd

Tunji Adepeju

Olugbenga Adara

July or August or September No Registration Fee

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Campus

Some Other Hotels 1, 2

The campus has International standard restaurants

IITA Library
UI Library

Over 10 academic libraries within
80km radius of venue with about 5 using Koha.

The Yorubas and by extension Ibadan has a rich cultural heritage.

Special cultural activities would be planned for the usual conference break day.

Lagos Airport (About 105 min drive to venue. Shuttle
service available
direct to IITA campus)

Abuja Airport (1 hour flight to Ibadan Local Airport)

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