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Proposals Period

At the 6 June 2018 Koha General IRC meeting, people concluded to solicit bids June to 1 August 2018 for hosting KohaCon19 (international Koha conference to be held in 2019).

See Processes for KohaCon for rules previously established for proposal eligability, voting, etc.


Vote at http://kohacon19.inlibro.net/

Voting process:

  1. Go to the above link
  2. Register with your email address (preferably institutional email)
  3. You will receive an email with a personal voting link, click on the link
  4. Rank both options, with your first choice on top

Voting rules:

  • Everyone can vote
  • One vote per person

The vote is open until September 30, 2018, 23:59 UTC.

The winner will be announced during the October General IRC meeting and also on the mailing list.


KohaCon19 will be held in Dublin, from May 20 to May 26, 2019.

Votes breakdown
Dublin 208 votes 52.13%
Stockholm 153 votes 38.35%
No vote* 38 votes 9.52%

* people who registered, but didn't vote, for any number of reasons.

Proposals Summary Table

Please edit this table and add any relevant information you have even if you are not the one proposing.

Proposals for KohaCon19 in 2019

Location Hosting Organization Contact Proposed Dates Proposed Costs/Charges Free of Charge Local Hotels, Hostels, etc. Restaurants in Walking Distance Local Libraries and Library Science Work Arts/Entertainment in Walking Distance International Airport Options
Your location with a link to a more detailed proposal. Your organisation. Your name. Your time frame possible. Free of charge! Your local hotels, hostels, etc. links/information. Your nearby local restaurants links/information. Your local libraries links/information. Your nearby local arts/entertainment links/information. Your international airports links/information.
Aula Magna, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

Proposal details

Stockholm University Library (with support from the National Library in Sweden and the Swedish Koha User Group)

Andreas Hedström Mace, andreas.hedstrom.mace@su.se Katarina Ingemarsson, katarina.ingemarsson@su.se Cilla Öhnfeldt, cilla.ohnfeldt@su.se

The last week of May (May 27 to June 2) 2019

Free of charge

There are plenty of hotels in downtown Stockholm, both budget as well as more costly options. There are also several hostels, and amply of apartments to rent.


There are several restaurants on Campus, and multiple more in the surrounding areas of downtown Stockholm.

Campus restaurants
A choice of Stockholm restaurants

National Library of Sweden
KTH Library
Karolinska Institutet University Library
City of Stockholm Libraries
ArkDes (Koha)
Världsbiblioteket (Koha)
The Swedish Patent and Registration Office Library (Koha)

Visit Stockholm
Top Ten things to do in Stockholm
Museums with free admission
Tripadvisor - things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm’s main international airport is Arlanda (ARN). It is a major airport with 81 airlines travelling to or from Arlanda. Arlanda Airport

The airport is accessible by train, bus, taxi, shuttle etc. The fastest option is Arlanda Express high-speed train which takes 20 minutes between Arlanda and Stockholm. Arlanda Express

Stockholm University Library, with the support of the National Library in Sweden and the Swedish Koha User Group, is proud to announce our proposal to arrange KohaCon in Stockholm 2019. Stockholm University Library has for a long time been actively collaborating around systems and systems development, as well as open source software. We went live with Koha in July 2016, and helped establish the Swedish Koha User Group the same year. Koha is growing rapidly in Sweden (as well as Finland, and other parts of Scandinavia), and we would like to showcase the efforts and commitment that is happening with Koha in our area of the world, as well as give something back to the community!

The proposed location for the main conference is Aula Magna, a large and bright auditorium in the center of Stockholm University Campus. The hackfest will (most likely) take place at the library premises. The Stockholm University Campus is situated in the Royal National City Park, just minutes away from the city center of Stockholm. We would be honored, if we are given the opportunity to host KohaCon 2019!

Dublin, Ireland City Centre location

Proposal Details

Interleaf Technology

Dublin Business School

PTFS Europe

Jamie Craddock

Charles Quain

Somewhere between 20th May and 9th June 2019 No registration fee



TripAdvisor Hotels


Mont Clare Hotel ***

15 minutes walk

Camden Court Hotel ****

5 minutes walk

Radisson Blue Hotel ****

10 minutes walk

Double Tree Hotel ****

10 minutes taxi

Radisson St Helel's Hotel ****

20 minutes taxi

5 Star Hotels *****

All within walking distance

So many restaurants near the conference location

Food to suit all tastes. Wonderful array of ethnic restaurants.

List of Restaurants

Dublin Business School

Irish Management Institute

Archbishop Marsh's Library

Visit Dublin






James Joyce,

Oscar Wilde,

Trinity College,



Traditional Music,




Mountains and walks,

<u>and a lively Pub culture

Dublin Airport

Major hub for all airlines from East and West.

Only 10 Km from city.

Public transport links to city.

Summary: Interleaf Technology Ltd. Dublin Business School and PTFS Europe jointly bid to host Kohacon2019 in Dublin, Ireland.

Interleaf Technology Ltd and PTFS Europe (who provide support services for Koha users in Ireland, the UK and Europe) have teamed up with Dublin Business School (an academic library who uses Koha) in a joint bid to host KohaCon2019.

Dublin Business School’s City Centre location will be an ideal place for delegates to meet and have easy access to all of Dublin’s resources. There are 5 other libraries using Koha within a 15 minute walk of DBS’ location, as well as a myriad of other attractions.

Being an academic institution the proposed location will have all the resources required to support the conference and the hackfest.