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At the 4 November 2015 Koha General IRC meeting, it was agreed to start soliciting bids for KohaCon17 with the issue of when to hold a community wide vote on candidates deferred to a future time.

It was also agreed to consider methods at the forthcoming 2 December 2015 Koha General IRC meeting for how to vote and how to count the results. Add methods which you would propose using for voting on KohaCon17 proposal selection to the voting section in the Processes for KohaCon page.

Proposals Summary Table

Please edit this table and add any relevant information you have even if you are not the one proposing.

Location Hosting Organization Contact Proposed Dates Proposed Cost Local Hotels, Hostels, etc. Restaurants in Walking Distance Local Libraries and Library Science Work Arts/Entertainment in Walking Distance International Airport Options
Conference location:

Ayala Museum

More info:

Wikipedia: Philippines

Official Website of the Republic of the Philippines

Filipinas Heritage Library

Onstrike Library Solutions

Tulong Aklatan

Association of Special Libraries in the Philippines

June No registration fee


Trip Advisor




Five-star hotels:

Four-star hotels:

Various hotels, condotels and the like ranges from Php1,500/US$31.87 to Php3500/US$74.39 through AirBnb booking

All the hotels have restaurants offering local and foreign dishes. There are restaurants near the area accessible through taxi. Since the location is in the central business of Makati, the place is sorrounded by shopping malls abundant with vaious restaurants and fastfoods that also offer local and foreign dishes.

Click this link for reference and this. Going to these restaurants and their respective hotels, participants can try out the local transportation "Jeepney" which is predecessor of U.S. Military jeeps left-over from the World War II, and was given a local makeover.

National Library of the Philippines (Koha)

Philippine House of Representatives (Koha)

Filipinas Heritage Library (Koha)

Asian Institute of Management (Koha)

SIL Philippines (Koha)

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

De La Salle University Library

University of Sto Tomas library

The location itself is the Ayala Museum which houses ethnographic and archaeological exhibits on Filipino culture, art, and history 

[1]Several places also in Manila, the seat of government and kilometers away, such as:

*The Intramuros (Walled City) *the National Museum

  • the Rizal Monument

Fort Santiago San Agustin Church, the Wedding capital of the Philippines Malacanang Palace Cultural Center of the Philippines San Sebastian Church Manila Cathedral University of Sto. Tomas, the oldest university in Philippines and Asia
Binondo, Manila's Chinatown

  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila)
  • Clark International Airport (Clark, Pampanga) .
Our group held its face to face meeting, headed by the National Library of the Philippines (NLP), after proposals for the Koha 2015 International Conference were closed and voting had ended. We followed up with a 2016 bid, but were defeated by Greece. This post is our dream of hosting a future Koha international conference in 2017. Since 2006, NLP is the biggest Koha user in the Philippines, with it having millions of bibliographic records, and all public libraries which are supported by the NLP also use Koha ILS for automating their library processes. But since NLP is under renovation and the completion of renovation is unsure, one library that uses Koha ILS - the Filipinas Heritage Library expressed their support of hosting the Conference in their premise - the Ayala Museum. One organization - the Association of Special Libraries in the Philippines have also expressed their support in helping realize the holding of KohaCon in the Philippines.

Your location with a link to a more detailed proposal.

Your organisation.

Your name.

Your time frame possible.

Proposed Cost

Your local hotels, hostels, etc. links/information.

Your nearby local restaurants links/information.

Your local libraries links/information.

Your nearby local arts/entertainment links/information.

Your international airports links/information.

Dublin, Ireland City Centre location Bid

Interleaf Technology

Dublin Business School

Martin McGovern

Charles Quain

May No registration fee



TripAdvisor Hotels


Mont Clare Hotel ***

15 minutes walk

Camden Court Hotel ****

5 minutes walk

Radisson Blue Hotel ****

10 minutes walk

Double Tree Hotel ****

10 minutes taxi

Radisson St Helel's Hotel ****

20 minutes taxi

5 Star Hotels *****

All within walking distance

So many restaurants near the conference location

Food to suit all tastes. Wonderful array of ethnic restaurants.

List of Restaurants

Dublin Business School

Griffith College

Irish Management Institute

Archbishop Marsh's Library

Visit Dublin






James Joyce,

Oscar Wilde,

Trinity College,



Traditional Music,






and a lively Pub culture

Dublin Airport

Major hub for all airlines from East and West.

Only 10 Km from city.

Public transport links to city.

Summary: Interleaf Technology Ltd. and Dublin Business School jointly bid to host Kohacon2017 in Dublin, Ireland.

Interleaf Technology Ltd (who provide support services for Koha users in Ireland and Europe) has teamed up with Dublin Business School (an academic library who uses Koha) in a joint bid to host KohaCon2017.

Dublin Business School’s City Centre location will be an ideal place for delegates to meet and have easy access to all of Dublin’s resources. There are 5 other libraries using Koha within a 15 minute walk of DBS’ location, as well as a myriad of other attractions.

Being an academic institution the proposed location will have all the resources required to support the conference and the hackfest.

Interleaf Technology will be sponsoring conference lunches and providing background support to the conference.

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