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KohaCon14 was held in Córdoba, Argentina on October 6th through 13.


Put here URLs where you've uploaded photos you took during the KohaCon14.


Information about venue and conference

Usually I make a fun new page for culture, but there's a lot of stuff I want to just put here.

If you are travelling to Conference from the US, Canada, or Australia, you MUST pay the reciprocity fee in advance of your flight. It is payable online, but you needs print a physical copy. I've linked it several places. A search for reciprocity fee and Argentina ought to be enough to get you to the Embassy's page. American Airlines would not even allow us to board without a printed receipt for this fee.

The currency system is currently a bit wonky, but it's nothing to worry about. There is an official, safe, legal, government rate. The con is that the exchange is artificially low. That's caused a grey and black market to pop up. If you visit @dolarblue on Twitter, you can see the alternative exchange rate. You might not be able to get a rate that good on the street, and that is the rate for US dollars, so your currency's fluidity will vary. Anyway I *cough* definitely wouldn't know anyone that's done this a couple times in the interest of getting about double the official rate. Local police here in Buenos Aires seem rather deaf to the calls of "Cambio, cambio." Do what you're going to do.

Holy cannoli, Argentines are the friendliest people in the universe. Even the passport enforcement dude was nice. Going through actual customs was hilariously easy. It's probably the third easiest customs trip I've ever had.

Use your Spanish, no matter how awful it might be. Since Argentines are the friendliest people in the world, they will tolerate a truly ridiculous amount of bad grammar. I only had one person absolutely laugh at me, and I didn't feel slighted at all.

The public transportation system in Buenos Aires is arcane in terms of fee structure, but as far as ease of use goes, it's easy enough for a Yank to grasp given a little time and grinding.

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