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Notes from the KohaCon13 Roundtables

 This page has transcriptions of all of the comments and wishlist items from the various roundtables held at KohaCon.  Duplicate items have been removed.


  • Stop calling it the OPAC -- call it the catalog(ue)
  • Document how search works
    • Need explanations for keyword, facets, relevance
    • User-defined facets
  • Then expose search functions
  • Would like to improve searching/indexing
    • Elasticsearch
  • Displaying book covers
    • Owen uses iframe + Drupal nodes
    • would like something more integrated (using public reports?)
  • Co-op star ratings (macro+micro, live+cached)
  • What do I read next + suggestions
  • Exportable reading history
    • email plain text file
  • Trouble with misspelling, accented words
  • Did you mean API?
  • Use dictionaries to search a translated term



  • Ability to alter due dates specifically (item by item)
  • Display subtitles
  • Customizing or limiting number of paid or completed notifications sent
  • Malfunctions when holds are scanned and then not clicked "confirmed" -- "ignore is the default"
    • Could add system preferences to adjust behavior: automatically send holds or necessarily require a click
    • Automatically choosing "ignore" is a bug
  • Already-triggered holds checked out to a different patron, it needs to become an item-level hold, not an item-specific hold. (Galen asks: was bib-level meant)?
  • Batch item checkin
  • Fine receipt not showing what's paid for
  • Way to make print overdues more formattable
  • Need bill notice that is printable, not just email
  • Transfer slips bug: not printing titles
  • Way to choose default tab of lists (public or private first)
  • Customization for assigning notices (by branch)
  • Group libraries for notification purposes
  • Make overdue notices take calendar (e.g., closed dates) into account, e.g., to not send notices on holidays or regularly closed days
  • Patron privacy - how long we keep data on holds and fines and lost-and-paid items
  • Make it possible to change the hold pickup location from inside patron record
  • Alter due dates after checkout
  • Ability to save certain previously-resolved histories
  • Can selfcheck automatically checkin, waive fines for previous patrons, and check out to patron who has it in their hands?
  • Can we get rid of patron's name attached to items they have lost and paid for?
  • For adult patrons with linked cards (e.g., juveniles), display any fines or notes from linked records
  • Family card - one card, many users with one general
  • Needs to be a better way to discover documentation for existing tools and processes
    • E.g., example was somebody requesting ability to import patrons from CSV file -- which already exists in Koha


Upcoming release

  • Pattern info stored separately from record
  • Improvement in pattern validation


  • Holdings records standardized
  • Ease of use
  • Twice-monthly patterns
  • Supplements
  • Analytics


  • Acquisitions/serials integration
  • Getting prediction pattern for centralized source
  • Multiple subscription receiving
  • Collapsing display in OPAC -- summary of holdings


  • Galen Charlton's notes on the admin and reports roundtable
  • Cancel button on reports
  • Last run date on reports
  • Last edited date on reports
  • Report page not staying - jumping to top
  • Report group permissions
    • who can see
    • who can run
    • who can create
  • Print button on reports output page
  • Printable version of inventory report with options for number of pages
  • Delivery of reports via FTP
  • Tabbing with pulldowns
  • Update schema docs; schema doc versioning
  • HTML output option for public reports


  • EDI -- some developments in process, need testing
  • Fund rollovers/fund tracking
  • Figuring out terminology differences
  • Better ISBN matching
  • Baker and Taylor Title Source integration (in progress)
  • Batch order load
  • Item record overlay during batch load
  • Automatically creating items -- allow items to be created on order-by-order basis rather than all or nothing
  • Bibs can be deleted without canceling orders, leading to orphan order records
  • More flexibility to record acquisitions activities without having to go through the entire order/receive/etc. process
    • standing orders, gifts, etc.
  • Ability to change vendor for an order (coming in 3.14)
  • Order history
  • Ability to view all order titles (either open or closed) by vendor
  • More flexibility for order reports
  • Cursor default options


  • Galen Charlton's notes on the acquisitions roundtable
  • Total holds limit per patron type
  • Easy to ready way to see all circ policies
  • Way to test circ rules
  • Circ rules cumbersome
  • Circ rules based on library groups
  • Clone ability for circ rule defaults
  • Delete notice permission
  • Way to not edit other's notices
  • Cacheable public reports -- ALREADY IN KOHA
  • Separate permissions/interfaces for slips and notices and library-level slips and notices
  • Use Template Toolkit for notices
  • Duplicate all notices for a new library
  • Add fine receipt to notices


  • Better way to discover existing documentation for existing tools and processes
  • Better links to tools/manual pages
  • Label and patron batches not assigning ID until "add to batch"

General interface

  • Single sign-on Koha + Google + Moodle (e.g., using Mozilla Persona, Shibboleth Support)
  • Timeouts -- make it possible to have different for staff (longer) and public (shorter)
  • Being able to return to search results after placing a hold
  • Syspref to require SSL login
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