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Comment Related bugs Status
Allow holds on multiple items of selected titles (via @amberhlibrarian). Resurrecting the Harley patch is a dead end, but there has been recent work such as adding a primary key on the reserves table that will make this easier. kfischer: There is also 7710 which is a newer implementation. 7710
SelfCheckTimeout not logging patron out (via @amberhlibrarian) 10016 Fixed in 3.14 and 3.12.7
QA patch 6435 - Daemon mode for rebuild_zebra.pl 6453 Pushed to master, expected in 3.16
Authorities enhancement: For downloaded Z39.50 records) could it be an option to check the authority controlled fields against the current files at the point of saving the record? Similar to how it checks for possible duplicate Biblio? Then give the cataloger the option to a) link to current authoritiy b) create a new one for each field that is authority controlled. Current options are to a) automatically create new authorities without checking existing authority files or b) manually checking each one and linking it to current record or creating a new one. 11299, 11300 Waiting for testers!
QA patch 10558 - Longer pages for manage_marc_import 10558
Please add a "select all/clear all" to all screens with lists on the staff client. Anywhere that there are multiple options.
Make order records more easily accessible from bib record -- navigation between the two more direct
Bug: brackets in LC Subject Headings reading as boolean searches
Remove or expand character limit on subscription history 10215
Using the tag editor thingy when you look up a personal name and there is a $e subfield you have to delete it to have it search correctly, $4 subfields are no problem. This also happens when looking up 8xx with $v subfields.
Batch upload of vendor details
Test a jQuery or CSS etc. by placing it in a test field that is not the live jQuery or CSS, and is only visible from a specified IP.
Add middle name and suffix fields for patrons.
Format and fix fine receipts. No option to remove sensitive patron informaton!
Fix the date for delayed hold (Don't hold until specified date) so you can't pick a previous date. Right now this allows patrons to bump themselves to the top of the queue!
Hold option in acq after placing an order.
Be able to send my history to myself as a patron - not a file download.
When we scan an item that has a hold, the default should be 'confirm' without the need to physically press enter.
Have the fines tab default to pay fines rather than account. 11087
Acquisitions: no way to track funds. Must use an Excel spreadsheet. No year end roll-over.
Retain text in search box when switching from chckout/checkin/search catalog (otherwise known as - Argh! I did the wrong search! I have to type the search term in again!) 7484 could be useful in this context
Remove "no cover image" graphic if local image is used.
Floating save button on patron editor just like the one in admin 3.12 :) 11088
Floating save button on item editor.
Individual login timeout for self check.
Able to place a hold on several items in a record. Ex. TV series has all of a year's disks in one record and patrons woud like to be able to request several disks at a time. And of course this is something that each library/system could turn on or off.
Staff client: patron account fines tab and notices tab get very full for an active user. We need to be able to delete some of the old information such as remove all older than x months. Fines tab would need to retain all owed money.
Get ALL notices logged in patron account.
Catalog needs a separate timeout for staff.
Need patron field validation.
Please fix "Next Available" hold issue! I'm beginning to fear for my life! :(
10500 Aggressive ISBN match please!! 10500
Public reports to have more output options (standardized), like XML etc.
Hide patron name column in item history table if anonymous patrion is in use.
Option to email printd hold/overdue notices to either patron home library or item home library. Also add option to display from within Koha, like holds queue and then print rather than email.
Hide fields on patron page that are empty (extra address fields etc.)
Acq: vendor information need more fields for the various types of vendor contacts: customer service, sales, accounts, etc.
Acq: alternate company names for vendors
Holds: make multiple holds on one bib record for items (like a DVD series - a patron who wants to place holds on all volumes).
Inventory: Provide a more structured workflow rather than having to run reports and bulk edit items.
When using Z39.50 and the fields prefill -- most of the time that does not work.
Edit items: when you click on edit and add new item etc. it goes back to the otp of the page and you have to scroll back down to the relevant fields. Very annoying when there are a lot of items.
Ability for report writer to kill their report or a sysadmin at the local library.
Delete biblios on leader 05 = d! 11084, 10421
Allow patrons to export their history to excel/PDF.
Data integrity rule to check and NOT allow email notify if patron email address is NULL