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Sign up here

if you want to give us your time :) Let us know what you want to help with, too.

  • Brooke (Dogsbody)
  • Chris - Whatever is useful
  • Katrin Fischer - whatever is useful
  • Meredith Henson, Catalyst IT Europe General organisation, website, whatever we can do to help...
  • Rafael Antonio - (Library automation consultant Portugal) - whatever is useful

A mailing list has been set up at software.coop and the people above are all on it. Contact mjr/slef to join.

Organising meetings

Budget headings

  • Vague basic event cost estimate: about £3000
    • Committed: £2145
    • Estimated to come: about £745, including
      • international transport: £245
      • domestic transport: £300
      • others to appear as they become known
        • printing - £200
        • bursaries - £0
    • Should any surplus be split between the two hosting co-op's community projects and seed funding for kohacon13? If there is any... the forecast seems good but is by no means certain
  • Minimum sponsorship target: about £3000
    • Current forecast: £3200
      • Arrived before 23 May: £2843.96
      • Pledged: £0
      • Mentioned but not yet pledged: about £500 to £800

Meeting Up

We suggest meeting up on Monday 4 June, 6pm, Library bar in Teviot (conference venue), but maybe you can meet up earlier if you want. Add yourself to the arrivals list below (whether volunteer or not):

Arrival times

Who arriving when? staying where? Volunteer
mle already there at home Yes
mjr Monday evening East Mayfield Yes
Katrin Monday, arriving 3:55pm at EDI Cairn Yes
Chrisc Monday late evening Cairn Yes
nengard Monday afternoon Apex Yes
BibLibre (the 5 ones from Marseille) Monday, landing 4PM StayEdinburgh - West End Apartments

11 Brandfield Street Haymarket

mglavica, dpavlin Monday, landing 4:20 PM York House Hotel, 27 York Place, New Town Yes
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