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Common Text

KohaCon12 will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 5-7 June 2012, followed by the hackfest 9-11 June.

This is a free conference for everyone interested in the Koha library system, which is Free and Open Source Software. There is no registration fee, but we will ask that attendees pre-register. Calls for papers, sponsors and registrations are posted on the website.

Details (travel, hotels, agenda draft, etc) can be found linked from http://koha-community.org/kohacon12/

KohaCon12 is the fifth KohaCon, following last year's successful conference in India which brought together users and developers worldwide. KohaCon12 will feature an international slate of speakers (both Koha users and active Koha contributors) conducting presentations and workshops on a diverse range of topics. Talks will cover a range of topics from general experiences of Koha through to technical information on the various modules.

"We expect this event to have wide appeal," said MJ Ray of host organisation and Koha support provider software.coop. "The conference is for both techies and non-techies. In addition to presentations on the technical side of Koha, the conference will be a demonstration of how users and developers around the world cooperate to improve Free and Open Source Software. software.coop is delighted to host KohaCon in Edinburgh in our tenth anniversary year and this UN International Year of Co-operatives."

"Koha conferences are always an informative and uplifting event, I have no doubt that this years conference in Edinburgh will be the best conference yet." said Chris Cormack, one of the original authors of the Koha version 1.0.

About Koha

Koha is the first Free and Open Source Software Integrated Library System (ILS). Gifted by Horowhenua Library Trust and now in use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology goals. The impressive set of features available in Koha continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base. Koha has lived up to its name, which means 'Gift' in the Maori language of New Zealand.

   To learn more about the Koha project, visit: http://koha-community.org

Press Contacts:

  • MJ Ray or ML Edmondson at software.coop +44-844-4437-237
  • Anyone else?

Add-on A1: Call For Themes

This is a call for themes. We'd like to make sure we cover the topics that the community wants most. What has been requested so far can be seen at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Wishlist_for_KohaCon12 and we'd like you to either add sections directly to that page, or email the sender of this email and they will add it for you.

Add-on A2: Call For Papers

The call for conference papers is open. We’d love to see presentations from librarians for librarians, sharing their experiences, tricks and tips. Talk times are flexible, with long and short options, so please consider registering as a speaker.

We are particularly keen to receive proposals about archives/special libraries using Koha, Resource Description Framework/Semantic Web/Linked Data and the Koha packages, in both the main conference and the later hackfest.

Please complete the paper proposal form at http://koha-community.org/kohacon12/ including the title, presenter(s), a short abstract, keywords and copyright statement. We will prefer vendor-neutral talks, in English or with English translation, with copyright licensed under GPLv2+, CC-By, CC-By-SA or something similar. Examples from a previous conference can be viewed at http://www.kohacon10.org.nz/

Add-on A3: Call For Registrations

Registrations are now open for kohacon12

Remember, there is no registration fee, but we do need attendees to preregister because the venue capacity is limited.

Please complete the form at http://koha-community.org/kohacon12/registration/ to register for the KohaCon12 Conference and/or Hackfest.

Add-on B1: Call For Crowdfunding


Add-on B2: Call For Sponsorship


Sponsorship opportunities at Kohacon 12

Have you considered becoming a sponsor at Kohacon 12?

We are looking for organisations who are prepared to show their support for Koha by making a financial contribution towards the cost of the conference. We aim to make the conference as accessible as possible so there is no registration fee for delegates, which means that we rely on the generosity of sponsors to make the event a success.

How will your organisation benefit?

Kohacon is an excellent opportunity to bring your organisation to the attention of over 100 Koha developers and librarians who will attend Kohacon 12 as well as many more members of the Koha community who will visit the website to access the live conference updates.

All donations are welcome, but two levels of sponsorship benefits are available:

"Kind Hearts" includes

  • Name of your organisation in the conference programme
  • A bullet point on the conference website

Minimum donation for Kind Hearts sponsorship is GBP 50.00

"The Full Monty" includes

  • Your organisation's logo in the conference programme
  • A paragraph of text in the conference programme
  • Your logo on the conference website
  • Your logo on a poster at the conference
  • The opportunity to place an insert in the conference pack or flyers on seats

Minimum donation for The Full Monty sponsorship is GBP 500.00

How will the Koha community benefit?

Kohacon gives members of the Koha community the chance to meet and exchange ideas to ensure the continuing success and ongoing development of Koha. It is held in a different part of the world each year to enable as many members as possible to attend a conference at some time. All the organisation is undertaken by volunteers and most importantly of all there is no registration fee for delegates, so sponsorship really is key to funding Kohacon.

To show your support for the Koha project and become a sponsor at Kohacon 12, please make your donation below. We will reply to you within three working days to confirm your sponsorship.

[Donation button]

Many thanks!