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2:01 PM Dianne has joined

 Tina has joined
 Vicki has joined
Tina: Hi David

2:02 PM me: Dianne you there?

Vicki: Is Nichole coming?
Tina: Nicole is at ALA :)
 I'm here in her stead
Vicki: Ah!
me: Right into registration!
 Vicki... This looks GREAT! The document that it populates in the background on google docs is that sharable yet?
Tina: yes-- nice job Vicki

2:06 PM i like how you made the phone field non-required- good call

Vicki: Yes. I can share it.

2:07 PM Tina: do we need to link to the wiki

me: OK - that would be great - I think Tina will be interested in that as I we all will be to see who is going to attend. I had a call today from one of our regional service centers for public libraries about Koha - and they were not aware of this yet - so the 3rd item on my list is of big concern to me.
Tina: on this? or will that just confuse peopel?

2:08 PM me: I wanted to make sure we(this group) had a chance to see it first and then my intention is to link it to the Wiki.

Tina: great
me: Then we will promote the KohaCon - using the Link to the wiki...
 not just the registration... Thoughts?

2:09 PM Tina: Yes, the registration alone is not enough to promote I think

 rather, should be where we send people through whatever promotional avenues we choose

2:10 PM Is that what you were looking for David?

Vicki: Sorry. I'm confused. Do you mean put a link to the wiki in the form, or link to the form from the wiki?
me: Link to the form from the Wiki - that way all things conference are in one place - http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=kohacon2009
Vicki: OK. You can get a URL to embed from the form.

2:11 PM Tina: I think should go both directions-- link to form from wiki and to wiki from form

 wiki has the details, form as the 'take action' informaton
 form has i mean
Vicki: Yeah. I think we can put a link to the wiki from the form as well. I'm not sure how "pretty" it will be though.

2:12 PM Tina: Vicki: I'd recommend 'CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION'

 and then have the link just embedded
me: OK - I have not used the "form builder" in Google - so didn't know if it was possible. Not looking at pretty - but so far we are doing a pretty good job!
Tina: if you can
 I love google forms :)
me: When sending out emails though I think we should use this link:

2:13 PM http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=kohacon2009

Tina: david: what's the alternative?
me: Link directly to registration.

2:14 PM Dianne: I agree that the wiki link should be used

Tina: yes agreed  actually, i'm wondering  if we shouldn't do a 'google site'and move the wiki stuff there-- but maybe the community wouldn't like that

2:15 PM me: Don't want to move it!

Tina: I just think the wiki tends to be confusing and not used by people  :)  ok  I suspect the Koha group would agree with you on that ;)
me: Problem that I have found is stuff from the 2006 that was stored off the wiki I can't get to any longer so for history sake I wanted to keep it all in one place.
Tina: makes good sense
me: Also they can find information if they just end up at koha.org - and look at events...

2:17 PM Tina: looking..

Vicki: Yeah. But I'm reading too. I haven't looked at the wiki much but I'm comfortable with whatever you guys think.
me: I had actually thought about creating a pbwiki - but thought better of it and decided we should use the developer wiki for items noted above. We can modify it though so it all works out.

2:18 PM Link came through hot!

Tina: Hi Vicki-- yeah, I was envisioning the link to the wiki url would not be visible and rather the 'click here' would be the link-- no biggie

2:19 PM I'd just remove the 'click here' since that isn't possible

me: I can tell Tina is used to working with programmers! Ok thanks Vicki!

2:20 PM There probably is a way - but I don't know if we have the time to investigate it right now.

 Tina - The google form you created... What are your thoughts about sending that out now that you have seen where we are?

2:21 PM I'm moving on to 1b of the agenda

Tina: If you all are fine with me sending, I will do first thing Monday
 I have a list of all those listed on the 'who's using Koha' page on the wiki
 as well as libraries listed as 'independent' Koha users on libwebcats
 Any suggested revisions to my form?

2:23 PM me: Do you want to send your form out or do you want to just send out a link to the conference as we are doing with the rest of the "publicity?" 2:24 PM Tina: well, i've included a few more feedback/presentation focused fields since the Koha group wanted to get more international libraries involved

me: We just don't want to form them to death...
Tina: i'm open to suggestions/feedback :)  yep

2:25 PM ok, well, do you want to add a place on the registration for program suggestions?

 then, I'll delete all of my form fields?  and just send them to the wiki?
me: Your form had a spot for program suggestions or for presenters?

2:26 PM Tina: both, i think i asked if they wanted to present and then freeform field

 for suggestions
Vicki: We could easily add a free-form field for program suggestions.
Tina: but, like i said, if you wanted to include the free form field in the registration form, i can just delete all my form fields
 and keep it simple :)

2:27 PM k-- i'll delete and just point them to the wiki

Dianne: I think it would be best to keep all of the questions on the registration form to encourage people to use it
Tina: yep  makes sense

2:28 PM Vicki: I'll probably just copy what was on your form to the reg form. I'll do it as soon as we are done.

Tina: great-- thanks Vicki
Vicki: Does anyone know what happens if you change a form after you start gathering data?
Tina: :)
me: Some people though may not fill out the form if they are not even thinking about attending... That's where Tina's group is a little different since it was international ...

2:29 PM Nope - but we could test it... You want me to enter some data and you change it?

Vicki: Yes, please.
Tina: good thinking

2:30 PM Vicki: After this though. It's too hard to make changes while we are chatting.

me: OK I'm done.

2:31 PM Yes I understand... Multitasking you almost have to have 2 computers to do chat and edit.

 That's what I have to do when we do our Elluminate(webex type) training in district.
Vicki: Yes, that would be nice.

2:32 PM me: Will it let you change the form now that data is in the spreadsheet?

me: Dianne - are you comfortable with the wiki and the spreadsheet you have setup?

2:33 PM Dianne: Yes, I can edit either one 2:34 PM me: If you have any problems Chris from NZ is the webmaster and he is more than willing to help out. He fixed my mess the other day when I edited it and everything was one big paragraph... - chris@bigballofwax.co.nz 2:35 PM Dianne: thx for the tip-- I'll lknow who to contact if I run into probelms

me: Thought of another item for the agenda - Keynote opening day.
me: Yep he's a little different time schedule - but is usually on it within 12 hours.

2:36 PM Vicki: Yes it did. I added a field to the end and it added it to the spreadsheet. No problem. I don't know that we would want to change it to much.

me: He is also the one that I've talked with about giving a little history of Koha as part of the Keynote - one of the original developers.
 I dont' think we will as then you lost information from those that had already filled it out, but good to know for future reference.

2:38 PM Great! - Vicki you are a dream! Looks great and the same link applies so we can post that to the wiki... Everyone ready for that to go up today?

Vicki: Oops. I meant it updated the form, but the info was not changed. It just stuck the new question on the end.
Vicki: I'll just need a few minutes when we are done to add the questions from Tina's form, then I'm cool with having it posted today. Woo hoo!
Tina: yes-- let's get it up!

2:39 PM me: OK moving on to number 2.

Tina: great job, Vicki!
me: Vicki - just let me know when you have it ready.
Vicki: Thanks! Google forms is sooo cool.  OK.
Tina: I know, it really makes forms easy
me: Internationals -
Tina: yep

2:40 PM me: We have 3 people from a larger Koha community that will be coming... Tina is contacting a few more so this may be an international group - just FYI.

 it's a little scarry to think all of these people are coming to Plano Texas for this 2 day event.. The current Developer leads are also planning a 2 1/2 day post conference work time - just FYI.
Vicki: I have one more question about the form. I didn't ask for address cause I don't think it's necessary. But should we ask for city/state/country? We might not be able to tell from the instituation.

2:41 PM me: Oh yes since we are getting a little more international now that might be good.

Vicki: Wow! Plano will be "on the map".
Tina: at least 'state' and 'country' for sure

2:42 PM it will be hard to tell without research where some are from otherwise

Vicki: OK.
me: maybe if you state it just as you did City/State/Country - people can fill it in appropriately - since it is more informational for us.

2:43 PM Tina: yes makes sense

Vicki: OK. Except state is US-centric. Does that matter?

2:44 PM Tina: Yes, I think it's fine to let the developers publicize the that portion of the event. Since Vicki has asked for their role (ie, people can mark 'developer')

 we can pass those 'developers' who sign up onto Galen  and company to follow up with

2:47 PM me: Yep looks good...

 Moving on to #3 on the agenda
Tina: David: do you have your own press contact list, or would you like me to share some contacts I have?

2:48 PM Mine include, columnists for major US library journals, bloggers, websites, etc

me: I'm planning to put something out on Koha-Dev, Koha-Discuss, KUDOS-l, and the Facebook accounts
Tina: have you managed to get admin access to KUDOS facebook?
me: Tina if you have "emails" for them I can include it all in one big email or you can send that out if you want.

2:49 PM KUDOS facebook - no... I emailed the person we have discussed, and I see that Nicole I believe has created a "NEW_KUDOS" facebook account.

Tina: LOL-- great
me: That other person has NOT replied to the email so I was thinking about trying to contact the Facebook people directly and explain our situation with the group.

2:50 PM Tina: yes, please do David much appreciated

Vicki: Yeah. I'm on two Koha groups, one KUDOS and of course liblime on Facebook!
me: Maybe since Nicole has gotten the new one created we can see about having the other group either merged or direct people to Nicoles?

2:51 Vicki: That would be good actually because it is confusing.

Tina: I think to minimize confusion contacting the Facebook folks is best
Vicki: OK. I'm pretty sure I know her from UMDUG. Are they using Koha now?

2:52 PM Tina: Vicki: To my knowledge, they are not

me: No she was just an interested community person...
Vicki: I would be willing to call and make one last stab at it.
me: OK - I'll let you do that Vicki - and then we will go the Facebook admin route.  Just let me know
Vicki: OK.

2:53 PM me: So Tina are you sending me stuff or are you just going to send something out after you see what I put up on the lists?

Tina: Let me think on that and get back to you  shortly

2:54 PM me: Great... Moving on to #4 program

me: Things look great so far - and we actually have had some developers sign up on the wiki for slots - including Nicole!
 We try to move things along we are all very busy.
 Tina - can you tell us who will be attending from LibLime?

2:55 PM Tina: Josh, Galen, Joe Atzberger, Nicole

me: OK - I know David B had talked about coming since he is right here in Texas - and I assume Marc will come - since it is in his back yard.
Tina: oh, yes, i forgot  likely they will come as wellDavid would be a real asset  given his role in implementation
me: OK - I know David B had indicated he would be willing to present on Cron jobs and possibly other "system admin" type stuff.
Tina: great!
me: Yes he has been very helpful to me as I've worked my way with 2 local systems.(one production one test)
me: I'll leave that all up to you, but didn't want to talk with David B until you all hashed that out.

2:58 PM Tina: No, we're happy for him to go-- it just slipped my mind

me: I'm ancious to see if anyone from Waldo and NEKLS or SEKLS(north and south Kansas) come...
Tina: I suspect WALDO will  send Becky
me: Those would be great institutions to have talk and fill slots.

2:59 PM Tina: if you contacted them directly you'd probably get confirmation quicker

me: I know Jim at one point indicated NEKLS would send one or two people.
Tina: so, that pertains to #3
me: OK - I have one other "program" item... - Keynote...

3:00 PM Tina: LibLime should let our clients know-- and perhaps you can call specific libraries we know who would be good

 for presentations  like WALDO and NEKLS  and Masscat?  Nora would be good
me: Tina - I'm going to hold off on the "PERSONAL" contacts for about 2 weeks and then contact them directly if they have not registered anyone...
Tina: sounds good

3:01 PM me: Tina - I believe I still have access to the LibLime client list that was shared so I will include that in my initial blast out.

Tina: fantastic

3:02 PM me: Keynote - we have alloted like 2 hours - so here is my thinking and you all can tell me your thoughts. 30 minutes Chris on history, then have Paul and Nicole tagteam the future of Koha and a few upcoming things in the next release since it should be out over the summer. It won't be totally bug free, but they can show Alpha if they want. 3:03 PM Paul is one of the Developers from France that is coming. 3:04 PM LibLime has offered Galen - Release Manager for 3.2 to do a more in depth program on Koha 3.2... - so put that in the list of programs Dianne and we can slot it later.

Dianne: ok will do

3:05 PM me: I don't know if you all have seen the email about Biblios.net - but they are going to offer that out to the community free of charge isn't that right Tina?

Tina: Yes, that's correct David. And the announcement of the launch just went out today! yay! Not just to the Koha community-- it is free to everyone in fact
Dianne: Are you suggesting a program on biblios.net?

3:06 PM me: More along the lines of just Biblios - since it can be integrated directly with Koha if you choose.

Vicki: For those of us who have not migrated yet, could there be a program on what to expect when going to a web-based system? This could be a panel presentation.
 I think biblios.net is different enough from biblios to warrant its own program.
me: oooo... that sounds good... Can't build the panel though until we know who is going to attend...

3:07 PM Vicki: Right.

Tina: LibLime would be more than happy to do a presentation on either bibios or biblios.net depending on what the community/wants thinks
 yes, a panel of users is a great idea
me: Dianne can you put Going web based - what to expect as a possible on our spreadsheet?

3:08 PM Dianne: yep-- do you want new possible programs on the wiki, too?

me: We have to remember whatever we do sets a precedent for future conferences. So knowing that Biblios.net is another "OSS" tool how far out do we want to go?

3:09 PM Possible programs no - not until we get a little closer... don't ya think? Or we could swap out programs we don't have presenters for yet or??? 3:10 PM Dianne: Or do we list all possibles to see who wants to present?

Tina: David: I don't have a concrete answer to your question, which is a good one
Vicki: Yes, I don't know what to think about the biblios.net as another OSS issue David.
Tina: but I do think Dianne's suggestion of going ahead and listing possibles (including those OSS applications that can work with Koha) might be the first step

3:11 PM me: Well I guess we have talked about having a MarcEdit - program as well so ???

Tina: and let the community  weigh in?
Vicki: How about MarcEdit and Biblios.net in one session? You can't talk about MarcEdit for more than about 30 min. anyway.
me: OK so yes put those listed as "other possible presentations" maybe at the end and indicate they may get put into the program... I do have another room so if we needed to we could have 4 breakouts...

3:12 PM Vicki: Maybe there should be a list of program ideas that don't go into the spreadsheet until we have presenter lined up?

me: Yeah Vicki you are right about that... Maybe talk about Biblios in one session and what you can do to configure it etc.. and another session on the .net part as part of the MarcEdit - even do them back to back?

3:13 PM Vicki: A track for catalogers!

Tina: a good suggestion-- let's get it added to the wiki as you suggest david
me: That's a good idea too Vicki.
Tina: good idea!

3:14 PM Tina: :)

Vicki: We do have a lot of duplicates in the spreadsheet now, so maybe we can take them out for now. We can always duplicate sessions later if we need to fill slots.
me: That is true.

3:15 PM OK that's it for me - Same time next Friday? Tina you are welcome to come along with Nicole if you want. Last question dealing with transparency... 3:16 PM Tina: The three of you have done a fantastic job keeping the ball rolling on this-- thanks!

Vicki: Works for me. I think having both Tina and Nichole would be great.
me: Do you feel we need to put anything out on the listserves about this chat? I know I have feedback already from 2 members of this committee on it, but thought I would ask you since you were in on the email that suggested more transparency.

3:17 PM Do you mean inviting more people to participate in the chats?

me: LOL - my foot... yesterday i just had to stay away from my GMAIL account so I could get some other work done!
Tina: I appreciate that Vicki :) but I don't want us LibLimers to have a disproportionate voice ;) I'll probably defer to Nicole next week :)

3:18 PM me: No just providing information about what we are talking about - minutes basically so if people had ideas they could let us know... Wider community involvement after the fact. 3:19 PM Vicki: I think they are welcome to read our chat if they can stand it.

Tina: FYI, most of the IRC chats are actually available for public  the community i mean (i'll try to find the link)
me: Or maybe at the bottom of the wiki we could post the chats so if people wanted to they could read them... AND the planning process is documented.

3:21 PM OK Dianne - anything else?

Tina: http://koha.org/cgi-bin/logs.pl-- FYI
 'channel logs'

3:22 PM Dianne: David--you will edit and post the chats to the wiki? I think that makes the most sense 3:23 PM me: yes I will edit and post. I'll probably send them to you all first get your OK and then post.

Vicki: Sounds good to me. You don't even need to get my approval.
me: Anything else Vicki? I'll wait for your email that the mods are done.  on the form that is.

3:24 PM Vicki: I don't have anything else.

me: Tina anything else? I'll send a copy of the chat to Nicole so she can read through it and comment.
Vicki: I'll email you soon.
Tina: great-- thanks David. And no, nothing else. Thanks for running such a organized meeting :)
Vicki: Yes, thanks David.

3:25 PM me: last clarification on press contacts - You are just going to wait for what I post and then follow up right? I don't have to wait for anything from you?

 yeah organized - agenda 3 minutes before the start!

3:26 PM Tina: I will send the revised form to my user list on Monday (minus the form fields) and send them to the wiki. Then

me: I'll try and gather items throughout the week and send the email out the morning of the chat - so if you have something you want to add to the agenda there is time.
Tina: I will decide whether you or I should send to the 'larger' press circles. If I do, I will be borrowing heavily from your text
 Does that answer your question?
me: OK thanks - great work everyone!! Thanks again for ALL of your help... I couldn't have gotten this far without you!

3:27 PM yes perfectly Tina... Thanks

Tina: Have a great evening, everyone!
me: Bye!
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