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WARNING! This page is obsolete.
This page is no longer correct and exists for historical reasons only.


Version- 3.12.0

Open Mozilla Firefox to run Koha. Koha links bookmark in browser toolbar.

Staff Clinet-


Koha Login Information

UserName- koha_library

Password- koha123


Operating System- Xubuntu 12.04 LTS

Username- koha

Password- koha123

Browser- Mozilla Firefox


Root Password- mysqlroot

Koha Database Name- koha_library

Username- koha_library

Password- koha123

Rebuilding Zebra Index

Open Applications > Terminal and apply following commands,

sudo su

koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library

Database Backup

Daily backup will automatically deposit in the folder /home/koha/backup every hour. You can change the backup schedule by open cronjob. To see cronjob task for Koha backup,

Open Applications > Accessories > Terminal Emulator , and apply following command.

crontab -e

Database Restoration

Copy koha database backup to Home folder.

Extract the file.

Open Applications > Accessories > Terminal and apply the following commands,

sudo su

mysql -uroot -p koha_library < koha_library.sql

Enter the MySQL root password mysqlroot

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