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Please add your name and a link for how to contact you (email addresses will be used - web forms will probably be used - I do not promise to phone people - or if you read the mailing list(s), that's definitely fine).

This is pre-registration and these events may or may not happen, depending on interest and available volunteer time.

Road-trip London-Edinburgh

Probably starting from a mass transport stop in North or West London on the Sunday morning, so please don't expect to arrive in London too late.

I'm vaguely thinking of stopping at something in the Midlands around Sunday lunch (Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon or Warwick), then pushing on to somewhere north of Manchester for Sunday night, then visiting the Lake District on Monday morning and reaching Edinburgh for Monday night. Each day would be about 4h flat-out motorway driving, so should give us time to visit things.

To give people time to book alternative transport if this does not happen, we'll aim to decide before Easter.

Decision: not happening due to lack of interest

Friday Social

There's a day off between the conference and hackfest where we could do fun stuff. If lots of people want to do similar things, we can cooperate and probably make it cheaper and more fun.

Who Contact What Willing to help organise? (2 spaces) koha mailing list Walk to Arthur's Seat Yes
...add your name... contact info

Links posted in Dallas(Texas) Morning newspaper Sunday Feb 5th sites to see

These were in the newspaper travel section.

  1. Edinburgh Castle - [[1]]
  2. Scotch Whiskey Experience on the Royal Mile - 354 Castlehill, [2]
  3. Edinburgh Zoo - pandas on loan from China -
  4. This is a great website about Edinburgh there isn't a festival going on, but still great link - [3]
  5. The Vodoo Rooms - 19a W. Register St., - the [4]
  6. Haunted tour - Blair street vaults - [5]
  7. Paul Kitching's - 21212 - Nouvelle cow-sine - 3 Royal Terrace - [6] (fancy restaurant but quirky)
  8. J.K. Rowling inspirational place - Elephant House - coffee or tea among the literati - 21 George IV Bridge - [7]
  9. Edinburgh International Climbing Arena - worlds largest indoor climbing center - [8] - personally the massage looks best!
  10. last but not least a general visit Scotland website with other local attractions -[9]
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