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Warning Warning: This article is very old. Information here might not apply to current state Koha.

Deploying Koha from git with Chef and Vagrant

I use Vagrant ( a lot to manage my VirtualBox virtual machines, so my first step was to get Koha up and running via Vagrant on an Ubuntu Precise LTS VM.  Koha has eleventy-billion perl dependencies, and having to install them every time I tore down and rebuilt the VM was really killing my buzz, so I took the vanilla precise64 base box from, installed all the perl dependencies along with a couple other useful tools, repackaged it, and put it in my Dropbox public folder:

Koha cookbook ( dependencies:

  • apache2
  • perl
  • mysql

These cookbooks can all be found on the Opscode community site ( and on github (  I created a Berksfile ( the Berkshelf ( tool to fetch the cookbook dependencies for me. Then a Vagrantfile ( for my soon to be chef-controlled instance of koha. Then simply:

vagrant up

Once vagrant has booted up the VM and chef has finished provisioning the system, with any luck, a koha development copy will have been installed on the vm at /home/vagrant/koha, you will be able to access the opac via http://localhost:8000, and the web installer will be ready to go on http://localhost:8080.

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