How to install missing Perl modules on Debian

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See Debian for information about Debian packages of Koha and its dependencies.

  • Use aptitude to see if a prepackaged version exists
    • if the module name is Foo::Bar the packaged version will be called libfoo-bar-perl
    • so do 'aptitude search libfoo-bar-perl'
    • or just 'aptitude search foo-bar'
  • Alternatively, install apt-file and use that:
    • To install and set up:
      • apt-get install apt-file
      • apt-file update
    • To search: apt-file search Foo/
    • This is more handy if you get an error giving an explicit filename that Perl can't find.
    • It is also a bit more reliable than the aptitude way for searching, since it does assume package names follow a pattern, or package descriptions contain the Perl module name.
  • if found, use apt-get to install it
    • 'sudo apt-get install libfoo-bar-perl'
  • if not found, install from CPAN
    • 'sudo dh-make-perl –install –cpan Foo::Bar'
  • if that doesn't work for some reason
    • 'sudo cpan Foo::Bar'
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