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Here is the workflow of how the RM pushes a patch. A patch can be pushed when he get the status "passed QA". This status can be given by anyone from the QA team. Patches are usually pushed in the order they pass QA : 1st QAed, 1st pushed.

Create a new branch for your patch(es):
  • git checkout -b new/bug_NNNN
Apply patches to your new branch:
  • git bz apply NNNN
  • fix updatedatabase & version number if applicable
Test the patch
  • test
 Run unit tests. Not all, but those who are relevant (are template valid ? is the code perlcritic compliant ? ...) 
Add RM signature on the patch:
  • git commit --amend -s
Push the branch to official repo:
  • git push HEAD:new/bug_NNNN
Fetch the repo. That will retrieve a origin/new/bug_NNNN branch i'll use immediatly for merging master:
  • git fetch
Switch to master:
  • git checkout master
Merge the branch
  • git merge origin/new/bug_NNNN
and push the branch onto master
  • git push HEAD:master
Push fetch the repo again to let git know your local master is synch-ed with official master (not necessary, but handy)
  • git fetch
Firefox stuff, open the bug and update status
Copyright assignment checking:
  • check if author must be added into history.txt
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