2011-06-15 Global bug squashing day

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Formerly known as "Global sign off day".


A common effort to get some of the ~76 bugs with status "Needs Signoff" moved to "Signed Off".

Update: 15:45 UTC+0: 49 Bugs waiting for sign-off!


The 24 hours of Wednesday June 15th 2011, in whatever time zone you are in. (And if that is inconvenient you might choose some other time zone than your own...)


Wherever you happen to be.


These pages might also be of interest:

Not sure how to do it? Jump on the IRC and you will probably find someone who can help you along!

Who does what

Right before the day we will post a list of the bugs that need sign off here, so people can "claim" a bug before working on the sign off. This way we can avoid people spending time on the same bug, and be as effective as possible.

Chris C. has promised to hack up some cool visualizations to show how the work progresses.

  • bug_status.pl shows the number of bugs, and the colour will change as the numbers gets lower
  • progress.pl shows the changes of status per date (updated in real time, timezone: UTC) Want to play with the data? Here they are, in JSON format.
  • Bugzilla Bar Cart shows how many bugs are in the various states of the QA process

Claim a bug!

This is a (more or less complete) list of bugs that needs signing off. In order to avoid duplicating effort, it would be cool if everyone would edit this table when they start working on a bug, so we don't have several people working on the same bug. Just replace "not claimed" on the right hand side of the table with your name when you start working. If you remember to replace your name with "signed off" after you have done it, that is very cool too. If you run into any trouble while testing, you can note it down in the comments column. (But don't forget to put the important comments on the bug itself!)

Bug Sev Description Status Comments
6503 minor Variable $sth is declared 3 times (with keyword "my") in "makepayment" sub of "Accounts.pm" signed off
6492 cri Deleted biblios cause rebuild_zebra to fail not claimed
6486 enh Need a quick way to access mysql as the user for a koha instance signed off
6483 enh Paging in opac-detail when coming from a search not claimed Added some comments and screenshots, please have a look!
6482 enh koha-create makes assumptions about the mysql username signed off
6480 nor Koha produces a lot of apache logs for UNIMARC signed off
6479 nor Encoding problem in "recievedlist" when the numbering formula contains utf-8 characters signed off
6478 tri purge_suggestions.pl needs an example crontab signed off
6470 min Unable to filter out actions made by kohaadmin signed off
6468 nor Authorities browsing error in OPAC signed off
6465 maj Errors in UNIMARC plugins for fixed length fields (for | and space) (T::T issue) not claimed
6460 nor No log generated if Action set to All or Modify or Delete signed off
6453 enh The "Compare barcodes list to results" functionnality of inventory.pl can't find barcodes signed off
6428 maj refered column 'items.coded_location_qualifier' does not exist signed off
6411 enh add another example to README.robots file signed off
6410 enh Returns use wrong borrower number var name signed off
6406 min double space in query result in no result resolved - works for me
6334 enh Using OAI with the OPACBaseURL syspref not claimed
6314 enh UNIMARC OPAC XSL improvements not claimed
6299 enh Provide a list of authorized values for relator terms not claimed
6296 enh Allow authentication to Koha via PKI / x.509 certificates not claimed
6291 nor Cart printing truncated in Firefox not claimed
6285 min overdues csv columns signed off
6280 nor Invalid SQL being passed in circulation checkout signed off Wrong status in bugzilla, was already signed off.
6268 nor Bad Total in basket.pl signed off follow-up needed, added question about rounding
6199 enh Allow bulkmarcimport to blank duplicate barcodes rather than skipping items Failed QA
6193 enh Use memcached cache koha-conf.xml configuration variables not claimed
6190 enh Custom field removal from patron entry screens failed qa
6150 enh UNIMARC field 225 plugin: allow $a value data entry Does not apply
6147 min Reading RSS feeds via Netvibes Failed QA
6146 nor In Auth.pm the var OPACBaseURL ignores the syspref OPACBaseURL not claimed
6133 tri Authorised values administration, warn for modifs not claimed
6132 enh System preferences are case sensitive not claimed
6124 enh In transferstoreceive.pl some biblios are empty. not claimed
6115 maj Acquisition reports : date filter & sorting don't work not claimed
6094 nor Fixing ModAuthority problems not claimed
6090 min empty mails in message_queue are sent not claimed
6080 min Total is wrong in acqui-home.pl not claimed
6076 nor acqui pdf error when marcxml wrong not claimed
6068 enh New feature: capability to blanking subfields in BatchMod not claimed
6048 tri printoverdues.sh bash odities not claimed
6034 nor Shelving cart feature can wipe permanent shelving location in certain circumstances Signed Off
6030 enh Allow for html in letters in overdue notices not claimed
6029 enh Date processing not done to all dates in overdue mails not claimed
6025 enh Script to recreate entries in the statistics table from the issues and oldissues table Failed QA
6020 enh Reworking C4::Biblio for performance improvements not claimed
6015 enh Enhancing the performance test suite not claimed
6000 enh Performance enhancements for C4::Context and C4::Languages not claimed
5904 enh ysearch.pl members improvements (Independant branches behaviour) not claimed
5887 enh Add a link to batch modification of biblios from the Staff client not claimed Depends on bug 5725, which has failed qa.
5885 nor UNIMARC XSLT changes not claimed
5878 enh overdue printing fixes and improvements Failed QA Tested this a while back and noted some problems on the bug. Patch doesn't apply on master now.
5877 enh Offline circulation improvements : upload all files, apply at once Failed QA Does not add the necessary database table to be able to use the FF plugin.
5873 enh Change holds_queue to work with new isssuing rules system not claimed
5872 enh Enhancements to circulation management not claimed
5871 enh CSS changes for OPAC not claimed
5771 enh Better error handling for import borrowers - Provide a download file of errors Does not apply Needs reformatting for TT.
5737 nor ZOOM connection problem in merge_authority.pl when trying to do a batch merge. not claimed
5724 maj Sometimes deletes aren't processed correctly by rebuild zebra not claimed Depends on bug 5725, which has failed qa.
5714 min Unescaped ampersands in OPAC facets patch pushed
5680 enh When deleting an order, delete attached items, and if applicable biblio Failed QA Needs some improvements to check for holds and subscriptions.
5657 nor biblio records update fails when updating multiple authorities linked with the same biblio not claimed
5635 enh bulkmarcimport new parameters & features not claimed
5574 enh 3.4 cataloguing improvements not claimed Depends on bug 5725, which has failed qa.
5572 enh refinements to function merge sub merge in C4::AuthoritiesMarc not claimed
5565 enh Default OAI UNIMARC to Dublin Core XSL adds superfluous blanks not claimed
5453 enh Variables declaration should not occur in conditionals signed off
5379 cri import_borrowers.pl fails with db insert/update errors signed off
4002 enh Issues with borrowernumber set as NULL signed off


Bug Sev Description Status Comments
6012 enh Set up a working example of a CAS proxy not claimed
5983 enh Change the wording around the CAS login not claimed
5630 enh CAS improvements not claimed


Bug Sev Description Status Comments
6466 nor hung socket read causes SIP tests to fail not claimed
6335 enh Branch not set consistently in all SIP transactions not claimed
5632 enh SIP improvements = Date formatting & debarrement management not claimed
5605 enh Add Support for SIP Fee Paid Message not claimed
5601 nor SIP Due dates miscalculated via DateTime not claimed
3638 nor Status of hold not changed when item checked in via SIP2 Interface not claimed

Next sign off day

Maybe we could turn it into a monthly tradition, if it "works"?

2011-07-08 Global bug squashing day