2011-07-08 Global bug squashing day

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Friday July 8th 2011

A Global bug sqashing day was held on Friday July 8th 2011, and there was much rejoicing.


All times are UTC.

State 2011-07-07
Does not apply 63 48 44 38 38 38
Failed QA 53 53 53 56 56 57
Needs Signoff 50 54 56 58 53 53
Passed QA 1 1 1 1 1 8
Pushed For QA 2 2 2 2 2 2
Signed Off 90 90 91 94 101 94

If we update this table with the numbers from this table before, during and after the day, we should get a clear picture of the progress we have made.

Claim a bug for signoff!

Signing off on a bug can take some time, so it might make us more efficient if we make sure no two people are trying to sign off on the same bug at the same time. One way to avoid that is to claim a bug in the table below, before starting to sign off on it. Each bug is represented by a call to a template - add your name (of some sort) to the Status field to claim a bug. Status can also be set to any of these, which will also set the colour of the status:

  • depends (for bugs that can not be signed off, because they depend on another bug that has status e.g. "Failed QA")
  • signedoff
  • failedqa
  • doesnotapply
Bug #StatusTitleComponentComment
Bug 2505 enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts Architec
Bug 2809 Some search problems Searching
Bug 3624 Basket group delivery place Acquisitions
Bug 3638 Status of hold not changed when item checked in via SIP2 Interface SIP2
Bug 5009 signedoff add autocomplete="off" to borrowernumbers and barcode forms Browser compatibility
Bug 5263 Add support for including fields from the ISSUES table in advanced due notices Notices
Bug 5468 libyaz3 debian dependency Packagin
Bug 5565 Default OAI UNIMARC to Dublin Core XSL adds superfluous blanks Z39.50 /
Bug 5572 refinements to function merge sub merge in C4::AuthoritiesMarc MARC Aut Depends on: 6094
Bug 5574 depends 3.4 cataloguing improvements Catalogi Depends on: 5680 (Failed QA) 5692 5719 5720 (Failed QA) 5724 5725 (Failed QA)
Bug 5605 Add Support for SIP Fee Paid Message SIP2
Bug 5630 CAS improvements Authenti Depends on: 6012
Bug 5632 SIP improvements = Date formatting & debarrement management SIP2
Bug 5635 bulkmarcimport new parameters & features Command-
Bug 5657 biblio records update fails when updating multiple authorities linked with the same biblio MARC Aut
Bug 5719 Update UNIMARC plugins Circulat
Bug 5724 depends Sometimes deletes aren't processed correctly by rebuild zebra Architec Depends on: 5725
Bug 5737 ZOOM connection problem in merge_authority.pl when trying to do a batch merge. Command-
Bug 5871 depends CSS changes for OPAC OPAC Depends on: 5888
Bug 5872 depends Enhancements to circulation management Circulat Depends on: 5436 (Failed QA) 5952 6328
Bug 5873 depends Change holds_queue to work with new isssuing rules system Circulat Depends on: 5872
Bug 5878 overdue printing fixes and improvements Circulat
Bug 5885 UNIMARC XSLT changes Staff Cl
Bug 5887 depends Add a link to batch modification of biblios from the Staff client Staff Cl Depends on: 5725 (Failed QA)
Bug 5904 ysearch.pl members improvements (Independant branches behaviour) Patrons
Bug 5983 Change the wording around the CAS login OPAC
Bug 6000 Performance enhancements for C4::Context and C4::Languages Architec
Bug 6012 Set up a working example of a CAS proxy Authenti
Bug 6015 Enhancing the performance test suite Test Sui
Bug 6020 Reworking C4::Biblio for performance improvements Architec
Bug 6029 Date processing not done to all dates in overdue mails Patrons
Bug 6048 printoverdues.sh bash odities Tools
Bug 6076 acqui pdf error when marcxml wrong Acquisit
Bug 6090 empty mails in message_queue are sent Notices
Bug 6094 Fixing ModAuthority problems MARC Aut
Bug 6116 signedoff Adding child patron: library not set Patrons
Bug 6124 In transferstoreceive.pl some biblios are empty. Circulat
Bug 6132 System preferences are case sensitive System A
Bug 6133 Authorised values administration, warn for modifs System A
Bug 6146 In Auth.pm the var OPACBaseURL ignores the syspref OPACBaseURL Authenti
Bug 6150 UNIMARC field 225 plugin: allow $a value data entry Catalogi
Bug 6193 Use memcached cache koha-conf.xml configuration variables Architec
Bug 6296 Allow authentication to Koha via PKI / x.509 certificates Authenti
Bug 6299 Provide a list of authorized values for relator terms Catalogi
Bug 6314 UNIMARC OPAC XSL improvements OPAC
Bug 6334 Using OAI with the OPACBaseURL syspref Z39.50 /
Bug 6335 Branch not set consistently in all SIP transactions SIP2
Bug 6465 Errors in UNIMARC plugins for fixed length fields (for Catalogi
Bug 6466 hung socket read causes SIP tests to fail SIP2
Bug 6469 Remove compile time warnings introduced in patch to C4::Accounts Architec
Bug 6531 signedoff clicking print button in opac causes 404 error OPAC
Bug 6534 signedoff Duplicate opac renew buttons at the top of the checkouts list OPAC
Bug 6536 Z3950 Enhancements: SRU targets, MARC conversion, additional XSLT processing Z39.50 /
Bug 6556 signedoff The popup menu in the Z39.50 search results doesn't point to the correct record. Catalogi
Bug 6558 signedoff intranetnav has the wrong description Template
Bug 6562 Reserve request generates unnecessary runtime errors Architec