General IRC meeting 9 March 2016

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The #koha IRC channel (IRC server

If you don't have an IRC client you can join the meeting using your web browser.


9 March 2016 at 20:00 UTC

Conversion to your local time: Time and converter for various local times


  • Introductions (please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes)
  • Announcements
  • Update on releases:
    • 3.18 (previous previous release)
    • 3.20 (previous release)
    • 3.22 (current release)
    • 3.24 (next release)
  • GBSD
    • yes or no? Which date?
  • Discussion on proposing a new version numbering for Koha.
    • Open for ideas here - and then probably vote in 1 months time.
  • Hackfest in Berlin
  • KohaCon
  • Rules for announcements to the main mailing list
  • International Koha Fund - Draft Rules for THT Grants Committee
    • For discussion and vote in April.
    • Proposal from slef: discussion in April and probable vote in May due to it only being announced on the email list on the day of the March meeting so many people won't have had time to read it yet or change commitments to attend today.
  • Brainstorming session for encouragement for more sign-offers
  • Actions from General IRC meeting 3 February 2016


  • Owen L.
  • slef aka MJ Ray (other commitments)

Next meeting

General IRC meeting 6 April 2016


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