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== General Meeting on Wednesday, 6 May 2009

One of the IRC Meetings. Started at 19:00 UTC. Nominal finish time of 21:00. (To convert to your timezone, try date -d @1241636400 ) [the meeting transcript...]

1. Roadmap to 3.2

2. Roadmap to 3.0

3. [Koha bugs database]

Various proposals coming from KohaCon2009 - turning on voting, ensuring that bugs are filed for all enhancements - summary of proposals coming in a couple days and will be out there well before the IRC meeting

One of the items discussed at %%KohaCon%% was a desire by interested parties to have a global list of proposed and active Koha development projects. The purpose of this list would be not only to let people know what new features may be coming down the pike, but to give interested users and funding agencies a way to coordinate the funding of such work.

The general outcome of the %%KohaCon%% session was a suggestion that the Koha bugs database ( be used for this purpose. Specific changes that might support that include:

  • turning on bug voting
  • encouraging all active developers and vendors to create bugs for all prospective enhancement projects, supplementing the RFCs distributed via email and the wiki
  • adding a custom field, status, or tagging convention to Bugzilla to let interested parties identify projects that are seeking sponsorship.
  • adding some canned reports to the bugzilla home page to identify sponsored projects.
  • creating a new product for bugs/requests related to websites and moving existing website components out of the product for Koha itself.

PRO: shortens the component dropdowns

CON: adds another page and click when entering a new bug

  • archiving or merging bugs for versions of Koha before 2.2.9 (or perhaps 2.2.x)

PRO: shortens the version dropdown

CON: truncates history

4. KohaCon2009 report


To do:

  • Doing monthly email to Koha mailing list and/or improve the welcome message. proposed text
  • Adding a koha-maintenance git repository to for HDL to maintain and push to. Galen will work on setting up the hosting.
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