General IRC Meeting, 2 June 2010

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General IRC Meeting, 5 May 2010


  1. koha IRC channel (IRC server


Wednesday, 2 June at 10:00 UTC+0.

Conversions to your local time:


  1. Update on Roadmap to 3.2.
  2. Update on Roadmap to 3.0.
  3. Follow-up on actions from General IRC Meeting, 5 May 2010.
    1. No actions obvious from transcript?
  4. Discuss switching licensing for all new code submissions to Affero General Public License (AGPL)
    1. AGPL does not prevent unfriendly vendor lock-in (still achievable through access control, particularly to the databases) while introducing onerous burdens on friendly hosters.
  5. (If time permits) Revisit vendor listing requirements on
    1. Anti-privatisation requirement (private domains or trademarks, legal proceedings)
    2. Linkback requirement - also
  6. address: various places reference an address whose destination is unknown. Should we have an If so, where should it go? (Galen Charlton 18:53, 25 May 2010 (UTC))
    1. forward to the main Koha mailing list?
    2. replace references to with themain Koha mailing list address?
    3. establish a new koha-info mailing list that forwards to?
      1. Private archive or unarchived, to avoid debian-style surprises of naive emailers?
    4. have it be an auto-responder that directs the inquiry to the project website?
  7. Agree times of next meetings.


  • gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, 3.2 RM
  • <cait> = Katrin Fischer
  • <jransom> Joann Ransom, HLT, NZ
  • slef = MJ Ray, member of
  • <davi> Davi Diaz (worker for
  • <magnus> Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
  • <Colin> = Colin Campbell, PTFS Europe
  • <reed> Reed Wade, Catalyst, NZ
  • <thd> Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
  • larsw = Lars Wirzenius, Catalyst IT (did some Debian packaging for Koha)
  • nengard = Nicole C. Engard, ByWater Solutions
  • <chris> chris cormack, catalyst IT
  • <vokalrcp> =Richard Pritsky, vokal
  • <kmkale> =Koustubha Kale and
  • hdl_laptop Henri-Damien LAURENT, BibLibre SARL
  • hdl_laptop Henri-Damien LAURENT, Release maintainer 3.0
  • <bgkriegel> bgkriegel, Cordoba, Argentina,
  • paul_p Paul Poulain, BibLibre (almost here, not 100% maybe)
  • <juan> Juan Sieira, Xercode Media Software, Spain
  • <miguel> hi, Miguel A. Calvo, Xercode , Spain


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