Fundraising IRC meeting 15 October 2015

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Koha Fundraising Committee

Meeting held via Google Hangouts on 15 October 2015 at 1900 UTC

Present: Franziska Wallner, Paul Poulain, Galen Charlton, Brendan Gallagher, Bob Birchall

Apologies: nil


1. Election of a chairperson

2. Review the Terms of Reference

3. Agree on norms of committee practice e.g. frequency of meetings; meetings to be open to visitors; conflicts of interest to be declared at start of meeting; minutes to be posted to wiki and Koha list.

4. Declarations of Interest

5. Summary of any actions taken prior to this meeting.

6. Proposed new activities

7. Grants Process - draft rules for consideration by THT.

8. Other business

9. Next Meeting

Election of chairperson

- agreed to rotate the chair each meeting;

- BB agreed to chair this meeting.

Review the Terms of Reference (TOR)

- need for librarians on this committee (current group is mostly developers or support company representatives);

- need to develop rules for the Te Horowhenua Trust (THT) Grants Committee: with a release approaching this will not occur for 8 weeks or so; BB and GC to draft first version, then use a google doc to gather wider input; for ultimate approval by IRC meeting, then THT;

- TOR do not provide for termination of a member; noted that the IRC general meeting has this power; agreed to consider this further in context of the Grants Committee rules;

- noted that voting should be by majority, not unamimity; majority to mean a majority of committee members, not a majority of those present at a particular meeing; it was RESOLVED to request that the next General IRC Meeting amend the TOR accordingly;

- it was RESOLVED to note the TOR.

Norms of Committee Practice

- it was AGREED to meet at least every two months; additional meetings can be called with two weeks notice;

- it was AGREED to use Google Hangouts for future meetings; Koha community participants who are not members of the committee are welcome to attend meetings to the limit of numbers supported by Google Hangouts.

- it was AGREED to include Conflicts of Interest as a standing agenda item at the beginning of each meeting.

Declaration of Interests

- the chair asked committee members to declare any interest that may affect the impartiality of any decisions to be made by the committee; members declared as follows:

BG - Director and part owner of Bywater Solutions Inc.; provides funds to support Jonathan Druart's work for the Koha project; administers the grant received by Groupo Italiano from EBSCO; Bywater is an EBSCO partner.

PP - Director and part owner of Biblibre; Biblibre is an EBSCO partner and also provides funds to support Jonathan Druart's work.

GC - employee and minority shareholder in Equinox Software Inc. FW - librarian at the American University of Rome, one of the first users of Koha in Italy.

BB - Director and shareholder in Calyx Group PL, a Koha support provider in Australia and the Pacific.

Summary of any actions taken prior to this meeting

- noted that Bywater, Biblibre and PTFS Europe are funding the work of Jonathan Druart who is project lead on the signing off of patches and a member of the Koha QA team;

- a significant grant from EBSCO is funding Elastic Search and other development;

- a 'Donate' button has been added to the Koha community website;

- Jo Ranson (THT) has advised that the bank account is established and several small donations have been received.

Proposed new activities

- Groupo Italiano is planning to approach Mellon Foundation for a grant;

- need to inform Koha users and supporters of what they can expect that their donations will be funding: priority development; signing off of contributed patches etc;

- also proposed to identify people in the community who have experience in writing grant applications e.g. to Mellon;

- BG offerred to commence drafting some material: AGREED;

- also proposed is a global 'Donate to Koha Day; it was AGREED to discuss this further at a future meeting.

Grants Process - draft rules for consideration by THT

- noted that this is not urgent but is necessary;

- AGREED that GC and BB will commence drafting;

- this may not occur for 8 weeks or so, given the proximity of the 3.22 release and other commitments.

Other Business

- there was no other business.

Next Meeting

- AGREED that BB will email to committee members in one month proposing a meeting date.

End of Meeting.

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