Fundraising Committee Meeting 27 January 2016

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Koha Fundraising Committee

Meeting to be held via Google Hangouts on 27 January 2016 at 1900 UTC

Members: Franziska Wallner, Paul Poulain, Galen Charlton, Brendan Gallagher, Bob Birchall

Visitors / observers are welcome to attend.


1. Election of a chairperson

2. Conflicts of Interest

The Chairperson will ask all members present to declare, in relation to any matter to be discussed at the meeting, any actual or potential conflict of interest that has not already been declared, or whether the nature or extent of a conflict previously declared has materially increased.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting (for adoption)

4. Matters arising from the minutes

4.1 THT Grants Committee rules (GC/BB)

4.2 Ask General IRC meeting to amend Article 4c of FCTOR re voting by majority

4.3 Fundraising activity material (BG) - but see agenda item 5.

5. Fundraising Activiities

6. Communication with THT

7. Communication with Koha Community

8. Other business

9. Next Meeting


Jan 27th

Galen is chair

Galen conflict (works for Equinox), Bob (works for Support Provider), Brendan (owner ByWater, RM for Koha), Romana nothing, Sebastian noting, Stefano nothing

Minutes Adoption - Moved Seconded (approved)

BobB proposes grants committee

    (if THT adjusts minimum that we should adjust the quorum)  Half the number +1 (could be an option)
    Galen proposes we deal with this via email.
    Sebastian has to step out now

The committee will meet at least 2 times per year, but may meet more frequently.

2 weeks for further review (end of day feb 10th for discussion) - announce on the mailing list, present at irc general meeting in March, then vote for irc general meeting in April...

(Ask General IRC meeting to amend Article 4c of FCTOR re voting by majority ) -->

c. Quorum and Voting

At any meeting a quorum shall be at least 50% of the membership. The method of voting at a meeting shall be unanimity in favour of a proposal, ignoring abstentions. Votes may be taken outside of a meeting using or similar with the same requirements. (BobB should present this at the irc meeting)

Galen will be committee representative at the general irc meeting

BG will follow up with his list of materials about what and why we are doing? (possibly present to irc general meeting as an FYI - instead of wordsmithing) JoAnn update on funds should be needed

Starting to talk about going after some funds Romana Mellon foundation - Mellon meeting in May (animcal conference)

BG volunteers to talk about getting time for the koha fundraising committee

Galen and Bob have CC'd JoAnn at THT about grants doc

Brendan Bob have been updating during the general irc meeting. mailing list updates with minutes etc

no new business

Mid to Late March for a meeting. March 23rd

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