Examples of DBIC in Koha

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Examples of DBIx::Class (aka DBIC) being used in Koha. Feel free to add more!

Pushed to master

Where it all started

Bug 8798 - Add the use of DBIx::Class


Adds a new sub called effective_itemtype to Koha/Schema/Result/Item.pm

Tests in t/db_dependent/Items.t

Bug 11518


A new "page" circ/renew.pl in the Intranet that only uses DBIC, not DBI.

Bug 10493

Patron lists

Scripts in the patron_lists directory do not use DBIC, but the new module in Koha/List/Patron.pm does.

Tests in t/db_dependent/PatronLists.t.

Bug 10565


This script was refactored to use DBIC by Bug 12265.


Smaller bugs that introduce usage of DBIC.

  • Bug 6254 - can't set patron privacy by default

In progress

Bug 8007 - Discharge management

I (Jonathan) tried something on Bug 8007.

Bug 11084 - Delete biblios on Leader 05 =d

Uses DBIC to find the biblios that should be deleted.