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Front page of a sign, "bookshelf" mode.
Front page of a sign, "collage" mode.
Sign displaying a single item.


Digital signs

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: Regionbibliotek Halland / County library of Halland
Developed by: Magnus Enger (Libriotech)
Expected for: 2012-09-30
Bug number: Bug 8628
Work in progress repository:
Description: The goal of this development is to add "digital signs" to the OPAC. The use case is centered around touch screens in the physical library, that patrons can interact with to explore new books, recently returned items, books on a given topic etc. The contents of signs will be based on reports, to make it possible to be very flexible in what information is selected for the signs.

Live demo of work in progress:

What to do


  • Syspref for turning signs on/off
  • Permission for working with signs
  • A new tool under “Tools” (sannsynligvis) for adding, editing and deleting signs, including basic help texts.
    • Sorting of signs in any order
    • Possibility to choose between “collage” mode and “bookshelf“ mode for each sign
    • Unique “slugs”, for use in URLs (


  • Geared towards touch screens (interactive "signs" in the physical library)
  • Once loaded, should work offline too
  • Preloading images
  • Avoid scrolling in the signs
  • Automatic flipping of signs after some period of inactivity
  • Covers and reviews from multiple sources
  • An arbitrary number of signs will be supported, and each sign can contain more than one page, dependent on the number of items returned by the report it is based on and the size of the available screen space.
  • The signs should work in full screen mode, without the need for browser functions, like the "Back" button
  • The interface should be geared towards touch screens, with big clickable buttons etc
  • It should be possible for libraries to style the signs to e.g. suit their overall graphical profile
  • jQuery Mobile will probably be used both for styling and for interactions (like swiping, perhaps)


  • Some inline documentation in the staff interface
  • Documentation for the manual



  • To be announced

Related bugs

  • Bug 8597 - New theme for the OPAC with a mobile view
  • Bug 4048 - CSS and JS libs must be outside of translated paths
  • Bug 8622 - Koha themes broken
  • Bug 7187 - Prioritize cover image sources such as Amazon, Google and add fail over i.e. if first source fails, go to next


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