Developers IRC Meeting, August 31, 2007

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Developers Meeting August 31st, 2007

Place: #koha Time: 16:00 GMT:

Database Design (10 minutes)

  • Installer SQL should not cause FOREIGN KEY violations -- MJ's response to Bug 1386
  • remove all SQL92 keywords as field names
  • Design for date field with NULL rather than '0000-00-00'
  • no quotes around integer values (default '0' becomes default 0

Database Maintenance ( 10 minutes )

  • best way to maintain an authoritative database definition
  • role of updatedatabase
  • best way to handle upgrades from 2.2, etc.
  • best way to handle upgrades from 3.0 to 3.1


Paul's technique for version control includes adding:

$DBversion = "";
if (C4::Context->preference("Version") < TransformToNum($DBversion))
     $dbh->do("create the tables we need for label management");

I'd like to decide on a clear set of steps for how to maintain SQL in Koha -- one thing I agree with MJ on, is that one person should maintain the SQL. Also, I think there should only be one authoritative source for the SQL structure definition (kohastructure.sql) and there should be a way to 'prove' that updatedatabase (or whatever replaces it) is identical to the official structure.

Secondly, I think we need to discuss the versioning scheme that's in place a bit. For one, we've not yet released 3.0 yet, so it should be starting at 2.9.

Table Walk Through ( 40 minutes )

  • walk through the database tables one by one
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