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RFC: Create item when ordering

Items are currently created by Koha when receiving the item, which might be a problem. For instance, if you order 4 copies, it is the record which, for the opac, is "ordered"; once you receive copy #1, the opac doesn't show the record as ordered anymore, even though 3 copies are still pending.

We suggest to have items created earlier in the acquisition process.

On acqui/, under Accounting Details we would add a part about "Item" with the following informations to fill in:

  • home library (+)
  • location (+)
  • item type (+)
  • item note (for example: pls set aside for Dr. Smith)
  • call number
  • 2 fields (none mandatory) with lists of authorized values (+) -> here we speculate that these 2 fields will be added to a budget; see Refining the budgets hierarchy and informations RFC

(+) means Koha will fill in those fields with the data from the previous item entered: only the first item created during the session will have to be created from scratch.

Upon saving, Koha saves an item with "ORDERED" status

Note that some libraries are happy with item creation upon reveice. some are happy with item creation after cataloguing ( So a systempreference will be added to decide when the item will be added. It will be either :

  • on order
  • on recieve
  • manual
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