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This page explains how to configure Zebra search engine to transliterate Polish special characters into a latin form.

This only works for a Koha installed with ICU option.

How to

Goto Zebra configuration directory : etc/zebradb.

Edit etc/words-icu.xml (and etc/phrases-icu.xml if exists).

After root node icu_chain, add :

  <transliterate rule="{ ą > a "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ą > a "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ć > c "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ć > c "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ę > e "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ę > e "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ł > l "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ł > l "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ń > n "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ń > n "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ó > o "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ó > o "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ś > s "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ś > s "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ź > z "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ź > z "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ ż > z "/>
  <transliterate rule="{ Ż > z "/>

Reindex all database.


You will be able to find records written in latin or polish, using latin or polish search terms.

Example with author "Miłosz Oskar Wladysław de Lubicz". Performing a search with "Milosz" or "Miłosz" will return records containing "Milosz" or "Miłosz".

See also Correcting_Search_of_Arabic_records and ICU_chains_configuration

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