Cash Management

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Cash Management

Status: In Development
Sponsored by: Cheshire Shared Service (Customer of PTFS Europe)
Developed by: Colin Campbell, Martin Renvoize
Expected for: 2015-04-01
Bug number: Bug 13985
Work in progress repository: PTFS Europe
Description: To add petty cash features to Koha.

Problem Description

Koha allows for the collection of fee and fines and the creation of credits, but there isn't an easy way to track these transactions at the end of the day.

More and more libraries are finding that they need to offer additional services and operate sales desks and as such it would be helpful for Koha to be able to facilitate these types of sales and allow for a 'cashing up' process to take place at close of day.

Proposed Solution

Phase 1 (Bug 14825)

Clean up the existing accounts code enabling more reliable tracking of transactions and easier reporting on that data.

Phase 2 (Bug 13985)

Tills - Bug 23321

  • Add the ability to define 'tills' which transactions can be assigned to.
  • Tills should be attached to a single branch
  • Tills should be assigned a default 'float' (the initial amount of money found within them each morning)
  • Add the option to require all staff initiated transactions to be assigned to a till.
  • Add the ability for a till to be a 'branch default', i.e. the selected till unless otherwise updated at transaction time when a transaction takes place in a particular branch.

Charge categories

  • Enable more flexible categorisation of charges by adding an interface to define charge categories - Bug 17702
  • Add ability to assign tax rates to charge categories - Bug 23047
  • Allow a default amount to be assigned to a charge categories
  • Allow charge categories to be enabled and disabled from view
  • Allow the archival of charge categories

Point of sale

  • Add an optional 'Cash Management' module which would contain
    • A 'Pay' screen allowing for anonymous payments for goods not directly associated to users - Bug 23354
    • A 'Cash up' screen allowing for comparing actual cash in tills to expected cash in tills at the end of the working day


  • A series of reports will be added to the reports library
    • Cash Report by Day and Branch - this should allow the operator to enter a date range and select branch