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With the new bugzilla installed on bugs.koha-community.org comes the ability to create and modify bugs via email.

There is a really good write up on the bugzilla site. I encourage you to read it. Here are some examples for our bugzilla


To create a new bug

Send a mail to bug-submit@bugs.koha-community.org

From: your@email.address
Subject: Bug NNNN Summary

@product = Koha
@component = OPAC
@version = rel_3_2

This is a bug description. It will be entered into the bug exactly as
written here.

It can be multiple paragraphs.
  • if your patch is an ENHancement, please add [ENH] just after the patch number in your patch comment 1st line (example: "Bug 6543 [ENH] I add a very nice feature")

To modify a bug

Send a mail to bug-submit@bugs.koha-community.org

From: your@email.address
Subject: [Bug 12345]

I have done some work on this bug, yadda yadda

To mark a patch obsolete

It seems that some of you have problem marking an attachment obsolete without attaching another file.

  • go to the bug
  • on the attachment line, you've 3 links: "file title/description", "Details" and "Diff". Click on Details
  • when you're on Details page: click on "Edit Details" (that's what is very hidden !)... Gotcha!!! I can obsolete or un-obsolete or update the comment, or add the patch flag!!!
  • click "submit" at the end of your patch !

Some usefull queries

All bugs in "patch pushed" status. They are just waiting for someone to check they are gone & close the bug


All bugs in "Needs Signoff" status. A patch has been submitted, someone must test it and signoff


Bugs closed last week


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