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Note: This page is obsolete. Needs review.

Bugzilla is the issue tracker used by the Koha community. It is used to manage error reports as well as feature requests. They are considered 'bugs'.

This page will be used to highlight some features and tips and tricks for using Bugzilla.

Using special tags

Bugzilla has the ability to mark each comment or entry on a bug with tags. There are some tags that have special meaning:

  • important - By using the tag 'important' you can make a comment in the list of comments stand out. The entry will appear with a red frame around it and there will be a note on top of the bug page that there are x important entries to consider. This can be used to highlight the most recent test plan, information to be considered by RM and Release Maintainers, etc.

Using email with Bugzilla

With Bugzilla comes the ability to create and modify bugs via email.

There is a really good write up on the bugzilla site. I encourage you to read it. Here are some examples for our Bugzilla.

To create a new bug

Send a mail to bug-submit@bugs.koha-community.org

From: your@email.address
Subject: Bug NNNN Summary

@product = Koha
@component = OPAC
@version = rel_3_2

This is a bug description. It will be entered into the bug exactly as
written here.

It can be multiple paragraphs

To modify a bug

Send a mail to bug-submit@bugs.koha-community.org

From: your@email.address
Subject: [Bug 12345]

I have done some work on this bug, yadda yadda

To mark a patch obsolete

It seems that some of you have problem marking an attachment obsolete without attaching another file.

  • go to the bug
  • on the attachment line, you've 3 links: "file title/description", "Details" and "Diff". Click on Details
  • when you're on Details page: click on "Edit Details" (that's what is very hidden !)... Gotcha!!! I can obsolete or un-obsolete or update the comment, or add the patch flag!!!
  • click "submit" at the end of your patch !

Some useful queries

All bugs in "patch pushed" status. They are just waiting for someone to check they are gone & close the bug


All bugs in "Needs Signoff" status. A patch has been submitted, someone must test it and signoff


Bugs closed last week