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Sponsored by Waikato Institute of Technology.

Additional issuing rule checks are required when:

  • A biblio-level recall is placed and we decide which checkout to send the recall notice to
  • An item is being returned and we decide whether that item can fulfil a recall request

Currently these checks are not being executed. This is a problem for the following reasons:

  • When a biblio-level recall is placed, we send a 'return item' notice to the checkout on that biblio with the closest due date. That item type of that checkout may not be allowed to be recalled, but we don't check for this.
  • When an item is returned and there is a recall on that biblio's item, we fulfil the recall request. However, the item type of that return may not be allowed to be recalled, and we do not check for this.

This patch implements these checks so that only items that are allowed to be recalled can fulfil a biblio-level request and be selected for receiving a recall notice.

Getting started

We need three borrowers - Borrower A, Borrower B, and Borrower C. Borrower A should be YOU, as this is the borrower you will log into the OPAC as. Ensure all three borrowers have email OR sms (or both) messaging notifications enabled for the two recalls notices (members/

We need a biblio - Biblio A - with two items - Item A and Item B. These items must have different item types - Itemtype A (corresponding to Item A) and Itemtype B (corresponding to Item B).

Test plan

  1. Edit the circulation rules (admin/ Make a rule for Itemtype A and ensure all of the appropriate recalls fields are filled out. Ensure 'recalls allowed' has a number more than 0.
  2. Make a rule for Itemtype B and ensure 'recalls allowed' is 0.
  3. Check out Item A to Borrower B and check out Item B to Borrower C.
  4. In another tab, log into the OPAC as Borrower A and place a biblio-level recall on Biblio A.
  5. In the staff intranet, check Borrower B's notices (members/ and confirm that they were sent the 'return item' notice. You can also check Borrower C's noticed and confirm they were NOT sent the notice.
  6. Check in Item B. Confirm that the check in does NOT prompt a recall pop-up.
  7. Check in Item A. Confirm the box to confirm the recall as waiting does pop-up.
  8. Check that item-level recalls still work as normal.

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